All right, how do I do this?

03 March 2013

 Hi! Me Autumn here. I am totally worried about how I am gonna get enough time to be on the Internet. I mean I am super busy with school. SCHOOL. The name gives me shivers. I talk about this problem a lot on my other blog. At least I know I can post a chapter a week for Jessica. I'm not sure for Karl. Because for Jessica I have the whole book completed and am currently working on the next one. Actually for Karl, I'm still working on the second chapter!:P I don't know how many books I have waiting to be completed. Its weird. At least at school, there's one of my best friends who also LOVES to write. Her name's Stephanie. Luv ya, girl! She's the only other person who likes to write around here practically. Anyways, look forward to a post a week or something.
P.S. New Jessica book I'm writing is called Jessica &The Deserted Farmhouse.


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