the wander diaries: utah [pt. 2] w/ VLOG

08 August 2018

I've been on-and-off editing a little video from my trip to Utah in June (y'all aren't sick of hearing about it yet, are you? ;) and finally finished it a few days ago.  Life has been nuts, and I'm probably going to do a life update soon (fun fact: we freaking moved.  so.  that was fun). 

But as I was putting the final touches on this edit, I couldn't help but reminisce a little about that wonderful trip.  It was altogether too short, but these pictures take me back to the dry heat, insane views, and incredible mountains.  There's definitely a balance in soaking in the moment and capturing it on film, but I'm so glad I got these shots.  Because there's nothing around me close to it.

I hope you like this video and that it gives you a little peek of what the trip was like for me.  Like I mentioned up there ^^^ I've been working on this video for SO! LONG! I was literally at the point where I'm like, "i hate this video so much if i ever have to see it again i will SCREAM." So I finished so I could move on lol (procrastinator anybody?)


I hope you liked it!!

Also, I'm back on Instagram after like, two whole years :P So if you're new you should definitely check it out [link] ! I've been posting new photos from Utah (and other places **coughcough** like **cough* new york city *cough* yes i'm fine thank YOU!!)

THANK YOU for reading this blog post and taking the time out of your day to make it to the end! You are so loved and needed in this world, and I hope you find a little bit of happy in your day today :)

Have you ever been to Utah? What did you think of the vlog style? (It was definitely a mix of different..stuff.  haha!) Have you ever been outside of your country? HOW WAS IT?


2:50 a.m. \ 7.26.18

26 July 2018

some late night thoughts: 

It's literally 2:50 A.M.
Ok.  Here's the sum of it.  I think. 

Life's a journey...and everything I go through is part of the story.  The story of my life.
But everyone's life is different and that's the beauty of humanity.  We all have different stories, different journeys.

So how to make my story count? For me, worth is found in living in God's perfect will for me and loving Him above all else.  
And also, happiness.  Having meaningful relationships with people, enjoying your life, and learning to be happy with every stage you go through.

Growing up is strange and unique and sometimes bittersweet, but it doesn't have to be a bad or a hard thing if we enjoy it.  Face it, life goes on.  So learn to go with it.  You won't be 10 again, but you will be 20 [Lord willing].  So love the process.  If you make your life one you love, then you're gonna look forward to every moment.

Cherish the memories but the best is yet to come..and hold up.  The best is now too, kid! Live and love.  Fear God.  Keep moving and do more.

(i literally wrote this this morning when i couldn't sleep.  it was wild.  
life's crazy, y'all.  how've you been? :)) 


"Should I Self-Publish?" | Cessation Blog Tour | Anna Elisabeth

14 July 2018

Welcome to this post, guys! Today I have a super, super inspiring guest post for you all by one of my amazing online friends -- Anna Elisabeth.  She runs Lethologica, and is the author of the Continuing Forever Trilogy.  AMAZING, right?? Today I'm honored to be a part of her blog tour for her upcoming book Cessation.  Anna has self-published all of her books, so today I thought we'd talk a little bit about "is self-publishing for me"? We've all heard about it, but is it right for us?

Take it away, Anna! 

Hello!  My name is Anna.  I blog at Lethologica (currently under construction), and I’m the author of the Continuing Forever Trilogy.  I’m so happy to be here on Autumn’s lovely blog today, sharing a guest post as part of the release tour leading up to my third book.
If you’ve ever asked yourself, “Hey, should I self-publish a book?  Could that work for me?  Do I have what it takes?”

I’ve self-published two novels, and am currently self-publishing the third… so while I’m no genius, I do have a bit of experience under my belt.  Using said experience, I’m going to run through a few questions you should ask yourself before deciding “yes” or “no” on that self-publishing question.

/ 1. am i happy with this book?

This one is pretty straightforward.  Before you decide to publish your own book, make sure you are absolutely, 100-percent thrilled with the masterpiece you’re about to share with the world.  If you aren’t, no worries- you WILL get there!  But waiting and working a bit more won’t hurt you.

/ 2. do i feel ready to do this?

I don’t mean “do I feel like I know exactly what I’m doing”...because let’s face it: we hardly ever feel that way.  However, if you feel like you can look into things, deal with some trial/error, and learn from your mistakes, you’re probably ready to handle this self-publishing thing!

/ 3. am i driven?

Are you driven?  Are you willing to keep going, hit walls and fall back and get right back up again?  Self-publishing isn’t easy and it isn’t a straightforward path.  You’ll hear “no” and see “not working” a lot...and you’ll have to overcome that.  You’ll have to try over and over and over again, learning from mistakes and figuring a lot out as you go.  But if you feel motivated enough and are willing to put in the time and effort- yes!  You’re driven, and that drive will get you far in the self-publishing world (and in the rest of the world, too).

 If you answered with a big enthusiastic “YES” to one or more of these questions… what are you waiting for?  Go for it! Self-publishing is fulfilling, but it’s also hard and often frustrating. However, it’s nothing you can’t handle...if you decide you’re ready, you’re ready.  You’ve got this. I believe in you (and I can’t wait to be reading your book one day ;) ).

So much wisdom in this post, Anna.  I agree with each and every single one of these points, and I'm so proud of you and every one who decides to self-publish.  It's a risky, but brave journey! 

A huge thank you to Anna for letting me be a part of your blog tour! 
Don't forget be on the lookout for Cessation on August 3rd, and in the meantime, you can read the other two books in the Continuing Forever Trilogy by checking out the website

Have you ever self-published? DO YOU WANT TO TRY SOMEDAY?!!?