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The Dream Blogger Party Tag

My amazing friend Abby at Ups & Downs came up with this tag, and it's pretty incredible.  I've been blogging for a good many years, and over time, I've made so many wonderful friends across the world.  One of the things I love most about blogging is the fact that I've made so many friends from across the world--people I probably never would've known existed otherwise.  LIKE HOW CRAZY AMAZING IS THAT? Blogging is honestly one of the best things I've ever done, and today, I'm going to be talking about what a dream blogger party would be like.  (Really, it would be living the dream.)

Oh, wow.  I literally know bloggers from all over the world, but since the majority of them live in America, it'd probably be here.  West Coast or East Coast? Hmm, this one's a little difficult because I feel like there's a lot of bloggers on both sides.  Since I live on the East coast, it might be easier to have it here lol, but at the same time how INCREDIBLE WOULD IT BE TO VISIT THE WEST COAST & MEET ALL MY BLOGGING FRIENDS AT THE SAME TIME.  literal goals. 

Basically I'm an indecisive bean so probably wherever it would be I wouldn't care :P


DID SOMEONE SAY FOOD YES.  I'm honestly so glad that this question is a part of this tag, because...food.   It's practically the most important thing.  (other than, like, meeting all the bloggers.) Okay well, I'd say first, it's important to be near a coffee shop.  And yeah, that's not a food but I feel the whole vibe of that would fit perfectly for a blogger meetup, plus you'd have a lot of options in one place.  Also, just, coffee shops are incredible.

Second, breakfast foods are a must.  As probably all of you know, last year there was a huge debate over pancakes and waffles, and most of us had our own stance on that.  *coughcough* With that being said though, I think it'd be 100% important to have allll the breakfast foods there. 

And third, I think it would be super fun to have a time where bloggers who have an interest in cooking/baking could make stuff for the rest of the bloggers.  I don't know how it would work out, but I know several bloggers (myself included, ha!) who love making food, and I think it would be super fun to have a time where we all...just...make food.  And eat it.  Yeah.


Oooh, this one is super important. I don't know if I can name five off the top of my head right now, but I can totally picture something really upbeat and energetic.

But also, we can't forget the amazing talent in our own blogging community.  Abbie and Aaliyah would definitely be there, jamming out.  Plus all the other bloggers who love music. I mean, what's a blogger party without the bloggers doing their thing?


Good question.  The first one that comes to my mind is that everyone would be taking. pictures.  A LOT of my blogger friends have a passion for photography, even if it's just  a little.  I think it comes naturally with blogging, since, y'know, pictures are really important for blogging.  So I can definitely picture everyone with their cameras and DSLR's, snapping away.  (Also, do you know how amazing that would be? LIKE THINK ABOUT IT.  We all know what kind of pictures everybody wants, and it woud just be askfjadkf perfect)

And also, talking.  TALKING.  Because, hi, yes, I'm an extrovert and I know a few other extroverted bloggers.  BUT even though the majority of the blogging community is introverted, it would still be great because we all know each other, even if we haven't met in person yet.  It wouldn't be like you're meeting a total stranger, so I'm pretty sure awkward silences would disappear quickly and everybody would be talking.  THERE'D BE SO MUCH TO CATCH UP ON.

Lastly, one thing I could definitely picture us doing would be just visiting the sights and being tourists in whatever city we're in.  Taking pictures of everything, yes, but also just traveling and seeing everything about the city we're in.  Because I'm pretty sure a lot of us bloggers have a severe case of wanderlust too.


Videos, hands down.  I'm honestly not the most creative at coming up with guest post ideas, so I think videos would be the bomb.  We would do tags, challenges, interviews, and storytimes.  Anything and everything.  I know I probably would be collecting clips to make a cinematic video because I love doing stuff like that, so I'm pretty sure I would be filming a LOT regardless. 


Hmm, probably that there would be a lot of talking? xD I know I would be talking a lot haha. Also, I think because we're all creatives, we'd do more 'creative' things.

if you're a blogger who dreams of a huge dream blogger party--I TAG YOU.


What would your dream blogger party look like? Are you going to take part in this tag? DEFINITELY DO.  I think it's so interesting to hear about what we all think would happen at a blogger meetup.  THAT WOULD BE SO FUN, Y'ALL.  Wow.


The Blood Race Blog Tour! // Author Interview

YOU GUYS.   Today's post is beyond epic.  My amazing friend Katie RELEASED HER VERY OWN BOOK ON AUGUST 1st. *cheers* And I am so beyond honored to be apart of her blog tour today =)  Her work is art, let me tell you.  Kate is a wielder of words, and she has left me speechless with so many of her blog posts and even in this book.

 Today I'm doing an author interview with her, and I'm so pumped to share this post with you all! I'm telling you--check this girl's work out...because it's gold. 

My inspiration for the story is deeply rooted in this idea that we are powerful beings. That we don’t have to “become somebody” we already are somebody - and that somebody is deeply valuable.

We have something to offer the world, we are all warriors beneath the skin. And perhaps most importantly, we are our own limiters.

Writing this book, and honestly this series, really, [currently writing book 2] it’s helped me to see things about myself through the mirrors that are the characters in the story.

Hawk, Ion, Fin, Sensei, everyone… they all have different strengths and weaknesses that have taught me valuable lessons. Sensei especially - there were many things he said which I would write and then sit back, in awe, thinking “wow, that was for me.” God really spoke to me a lot through his character.

The, from a writing perspective, creating The Dimension and these characters totally pumped up my fantasy side. I’ve written a lot of contemporary, and I love it, but writing sci-fi/fantasy totally had my creative brain running wild. It’s an amazing feeling to be able to chase any idea or concept - not just the ‘logical’ or ‘realistic’ ones. I loved building this world and creating my own reality.
There were so many high moments! It’s hard to choose.

Chapter nineteen was a big peak moment for me. Then there’s a particular scene with Hawk and Ion atop the U.S. Bank tower in LA that I absolutely adored. I also really enjoyed writing Hawk and Fin’s cliff side escapades in Ireland.  

There were some points in dialogue where things just fell together super well and I was just like, quietly punching air because I was so pleased with it. I love to see technical aspects fall into place as the story comes together.

You’re more powerful than you realize.


Looking back, it was about a five month process from the idea’s inception to the finished draft. But to be honest, I wasn’t paying attention - time flew!

Oh, the editorial process. Reading over a manuscript you’ve read five or more times, correcting all the typos, filling in all the gaps, reading it again - but then, what else is new? The editing days can be long and grueling, but it’s so, so worth it for the end game. It’s all part of being a writer.

Great question. To me, literary success is being able to tell a story well, and knowing that my readers are enjoying the journey I take them on in the book. It’s a feeling that fills me with more joy than I know how to describe.
Write you. Stop comparing yourself to ‘le fancy published authors’. Stop frantically taking every piece of advice you can get. Writing is an art, I can’t stress that enough -  there is no right or wrong. Write what’s in your heart, and write it like only you can.



Have YOU read The Blood Race yet? Be sure to check out Kate's blog post where she did a behind the scenes of her book and show her some love!! 


July Wrap-Up | August Goals


Fact: July 2017 is gone.  Howwwwwww even I can't

& also: it's good to be back blogging, yo :)
+ idk man it just went by too fast.

+ Started painting.  There's a room in our house that desperately needed painted in my opinion, and after getting really inspired by probably watching wayyyy too much of Fixer Upper (;P), I've actually gotten it patched and primed, so now I just need to sand it down and paint.  I'm thinking about painting it a light yellow.  AND GUYS I PROMISE EVENTUALLY I WILL GET A ROOM TOUR UP.  It's still not perfect to me (#perfectionist probs), so once I get it done I WILL TRY TO GET THAT POST UP.   And like I mentioned, I started watching HGTV a lot more these past few weeks, and WOW I have been so inspired to tackle our house xD It's crazy how much my perspective's changed on houses in like...two weeks.  But at the same time, it's kind of great because now I actually want to change up all the rooms and make them look...good :P This last weekend I went to my local Ace Hardware to look at paint colors, and I literally started FREAKING OUT in their store when I saw the Magnolia paint line there, I kid you not.  My dad was like, "You're smiling so hard over...paint." I JUST CAn'T, GUYS.

+ Got (& trying) to get mentally ready for school.  Because as of August 1st, I have 17 days till I'm back in school.  Wooo.  *note sarcasm*

+ Wrote a little more.  I feel like July I got a "okay" amount of writing done, because I actually got some stuff done, unlike the other months where I didn't really do anything.  My novel has been put on hold temporarily until we get our computer fixed, so that's been really frustrating, but I did get some other writing done, which I'm glad for.  Also...writing in second person is SO hard wow.

+ Figured out I'm the best procrastinator I know.  I think I have this natural tendency to be lazy, it's really bad, I need help.  PROCRASTINATING WILL RUIN YOU, KIDS.  ughhhh.

+ Attempted tennis.  So one of my summer goals was to play tennis, because I've always thought it looked really fun.  SO, on the last day of July I headed out to the park to try playing it, and let's just say it went....well, interesting :))

+ Made a 4th of July cake....that looked more like a 5-yr-old's birthday cake.  Why, you ask? WELL, because I was going to make a three layer cake with red, white, and blue layers.  Fun, right? The first time I tried baking the red layer,  I thought I would be healthy and use red beet powder as a dye.  That didn't work.  When it was done baking that layer, apparently all the redness baked out and it looked like a plain old vanilla cake.  I was like..okay? So I decided to just use food coloring (which every fiber in my being hated doing because food coloring is evil).  I didn't want to use half the tube in each layer, because OH MY GOODNESS NOT SO MUCH.  And so, I dyed it until it looked, y'know, colored enough.  Baked it.  AND THEN...guess what.  IT TURNED OUT ALL PASTEL !!!!

ugh.  why.  just why.

oh, and not to mention, I put red + blue sprinkles on top of the cake to give it a more patriotic vibe, and YOU GUESSED IT.  They turned out pastel too !! NOOOOO.  (Especially the red...it turned out like...pink.)

BUT at least it tasted fine (I used a whipped cream icing...mm...that's what I'm talking about :)), and it looked perfect for a little girl's birthday party!! So if you need a cake for a five year old, hit me up !! (actually no)
I didn't set any goals for July, because I knew it'd be a really laid-back month.  Not much happened out of the ordinary or really exciting, quite honestly.  But I know one day I'll look back on these days and realize how incredibly blessed I was, even though life may not be perfect :)) Also, God is faithful, and that blows my mind.  So yeah.  July was a pretty good month.  Average.  Hot.  Summer.  I don't know what the future holds, but I'm excited for it.  School starts this month, which is crazy to think about.  It's going to be a really important year, and I want to do my best at it with God's help.  My current motto is: Live well.  Love God.  And that's what I want to do.  Live to create and inspire. So yeah.
+ Start school successfully.  The key word here is successfully.

+ Pick peaches.  Because I feel like this is such a summer thing and I really want to do it.  I have a lot of good memories tied to peach-picking, plus....peaches, so.

+ Finish painting & decorating room.  This really has to be done gahhhhhhhhh.  BUT GOOD NEWS I talked to a few friends and they said they might help me paint, which would be an absolute lifesaver, so hoping for that :))

+ Be a better blogger.  And by that I mean....like....post every Wednesday this month. I have some posts planned for August that I'm really excited about :) 

+ Hustle.  If I can say I did this at the end of this month, then it was a good month.
So what about your July? CAN YOU FATHOM JULY IS OVER? When do you go back to school?  Have you accomplished a lot of things off your summer bucket list? GUYS, ENJOY THE LAST MONTH OF SUMMER.  *sniff* I can't believe it's August already.  I just can't.  TIME TRULY FLIES, MY FRENS. But fall is beautiful too, honestly. *sigh* Live well, love God :))
 Any tips on how to just stop being a procrastinator? xD