"Should I Self-Publish?" | Cessation Blog Tour | Anna Elisabeth

14 July 2018

Welcome to this post, guys! Today I have a super, super inspiring guest post for you all by one of my amazing online friends -- Anna Elisabeth.  She runs Lethologica, and is the author of the Continuing Forever Trilogy.  AMAZING, right?? Today I'm honored to be a part of her blog tour for her upcoming book Cessation.  Anna has self-published all of her books, so today I thought we'd talk a little bit about "is self-publishing for me"? We've all heard about it, but is it right for us?

Take it away, Anna! 

Hello!  My name is Anna.  I blog at Lethologica (currently under construction), and I’m the author of the Continuing Forever Trilogy.  I’m so happy to be here on Autumn’s lovely blog today, sharing a guest post as part of the release tour leading up to my third book.
If you’ve ever asked yourself, “Hey, should I self-publish a book?  Could that work for me?  Do I have what it takes?”

I’ve self-published two novels, and am currently self-publishing the third… so while I’m no genius, I do have a bit of experience under my belt.  Using said experience, I’m going to run through a few questions you should ask yourself before deciding “yes” or “no” on that self-publishing question.

/ 1. am i happy with this book?

This one is pretty straightforward.  Before you decide to publish your own book, make sure you are absolutely, 100-percent thrilled with the masterpiece you’re about to share with the world.  If you aren’t, no worries- you WILL get there!  But waiting and working a bit more won’t hurt you.

/ 2. do i feel ready to do this?

I don’t mean “do I feel like I know exactly what I’m doing”...because let’s face it: we hardly ever feel that way.  However, if you feel like you can look into things, deal with some trial/error, and learn from your mistakes, you’re probably ready to handle this self-publishing thing!

/ 3. am i driven?

Are you driven?  Are you willing to keep going, hit walls and fall back and get right back up again?  Self-publishing isn’t easy and it isn’t a straightforward path.  You’ll hear “no” and see “not working” a lot...and you’ll have to overcome that.  You’ll have to try over and over and over again, learning from mistakes and figuring a lot out as you go.  But if you feel motivated enough and are willing to put in the time and effort- yes!  You’re driven, and that drive will get you far in the self-publishing world (and in the rest of the world, too).

 If you answered with a big enthusiastic “YES” to one or more of these questions… what are you waiting for?  Go for it! Self-publishing is fulfilling, but it’s also hard and often frustrating. However, it’s nothing you can’t handle...if you decide you’re ready, you’re ready.  You’ve got this. I believe in you (and I can’t wait to be reading your book one day ;) ).

So much wisdom in this post, Anna.  I agree with each and every single one of these points, and I'm so proud of you and every one who decides to self-publish.  It's a risky, but brave journey! 

A huge thank you to Anna for letting me be a part of your blog tour! 
Don't forget be on the lookout for Cessation on August 3rd, and in the meantime, you can read the other two books in the Continuing Forever Trilogy by checking out the website

Have you ever self-published? DO YOU WANT TO TRY SOMEDAY?!!? 


first Q&A video! | ☆ your questions answered ☆

03 July 2018




When I started blogging...I don't know, six years ago (?!!), I never thought I'd 1) make it this far and still be blogging as I grew up and became older and 2) that the day would come when I could finally create a YouTube channel and chase my passion of creating video content.

 I was surfing YouTube earlier today, and it's honestly crazy to me the growth of social media and how it's gotten so...big.  YouTube is a wonderful, but also crazy platform.  I mean, how many people do you know IRL that have a YouTube channel? I feel like YouTube is a "thing" nowadays that's cool to do and people are so much more interested and ready to invest in it because it's so well-known (and you see the success stories of YouTubers who've "made it" and they're living a dream life.  but, honey, everyone has problems...even them xD).  So going into making a channel for myself, now, in 2018, I was like..."honestly, will something come out of this?" and "why....why am i doing this?"

Yeah, it might be a cliche thing to say, but I don't think I'm doing it for popularity.  I mean, sure, numbers and stats are definitely nice, but something I've learned through blogging all these years is that you have to be committed to what you love to do, even when you don't get comments or the pageviews are drastically low.  And I believe that applies for any social media nowadays.  I've wanted to create videos since I was ten.  And the fact that now, years later, I still have a passion and huge liking for creating videos is to me a sign that YouTube, in all honesty, should really just be a place where I can share my videos.  And if someone, a lovely radiant amazing human being wants to watch me, then I'm just thankful. 

ANYWAYS so I'm stoked about this new journey.  There's a lot of things in life that I'm not sure about, but one thing that has gotten me through the past few months is the thought that I can start a new creative outlet for me -- through YouTube.  SO!

I filmed this Q&A last week, and I kid you not, I had to cut so much out of this video.  It was literally over an hour of footage I had, and no ONE is going to sit through that.  So here you go.  20 minutes.  STILL CRAZY LONG I KNOW.  But better than 60 minutes xD

I hope you like the video and let me know my commenting on my video! 


also...Abbie, I literally filmed this a few days before I got your questions so I'm super sorry they aren't in the video! I'll answer them in this post instead xD

- favorite time of day? - Probably mornings :) They're so peaceful...after the initial waking-up process.  xD But I'm also a night owl all the way, so I think it honestly just depends on my mood.

- favorite fictional character (and why?) - Ohh, I don't know if I have a specific favorite fictional character to be honest. 

- dragons or unicorns? - HMMM dragons because really they just seem a lot cooler 

- would you rather be able to time-travel or read minds? - OH MY GOODNESS THIS IS SO HARD.  I wish I could say both lol UMMMMM.  I guess I'd say time-travel, because as cool as it would be to read minds, I feel like sometimes it's just better not knowing what other people think.  Because otherwise....you'd almost feel compelled to do stuff just because you know what they think...rather than just doing your own thing.  Also time-travel would be way too cool because you could just spend time in random places throughout history and become more wise and cosmopolitan haha

- top 3 countries you'd like to visit??? - Israel, New Zealand, Australia (and wayyyyy too many more lol) 

And if you just want to watch the video on here then HERE IT IS!! But you should definitely head over to the channel and look around a bit too :'))) 


Let me know what your thoughts are and how your summer is going!!! LOVE YOU.


☆ what's up july ☆

02 July 2018

Heyyyyyy guys how's it going? Are you doing well? I SINCERELY HOPE SO.  But if you're not, then remember that you are loved and there's a reason for everything.  Truly.  

SO *aheM* I type this post out on July 2, but, I mean, July practically just started, right? This morning I was thinking about how insane it is that July is...HERE.   Like, it's July 2018, fam.  2018 is flying past our eyes.  asdfklJKFJSs

Last year I did a monthly wrap-up post every month and I loved doing those, but...obviously this year I haven't :P However...I did get a little motivation to challenge myself to make a list of things I want to do this July.  Inspiration is a truly beautiful thing, y'all.  SO here is the list of what I want to do this July of 2018.  WAH LAAAAAA

also my q&a is dropping THIS WEEK.  mark your calendars folks.

YEP.  So technically I should've gotten my driver's permit last month, buuuuuut.....I had no motivation for a lot of things last month, and overall I just wasn't ready.  I mean, I'm still not ready to take the test, but I want to make sure I at least study and TRY to take the test once this month.  I just think it's so funny how literally all (well...a lot) of my friends (not that I actually have that many friends...more like people I know lOL) got their permits the day after they turned sixteen and I'm just like...*throws up peace signs* 

SO, as you know, my first ever Q&A video is dropping this week (!!!!!!!!), but I'm definitely planning on continuing and keep making videos for YouTube.  July is National Ice Cream Month, and the thought occurred to me the other week that A VIDEO FEATURING ICE CREAM MIGHT BE IN ORDER.  maybe. (also, what's some of your favorite ice cream brands etc.? they might be featured in the video! haha no but for real)

 I have a friend (yep that's right I do), and she's SUPER into rabbits and all of that.  She has a website and sells them to literally people from all OVER.  It's her passion :P So she asked me a while back if I would take some pictures for her website of HER RABBITS.  Am I excited? YOU BET I AM.  I mean....a rabbit photoshoot? That's pretty rad, right? xD 

June was definitely a harder month for me in a lot of areas, and to be totally honest, I really don't know what the next step is in life for me or what I should do next.  I don't know what to do.  But I definitely want to at least take small steps in July, regardless of whatever that may look like.  Right now, I don't know.  But I'm praying God does, and that He'll show me who He really is.  In the midst of all the troubles and struggles of my life.  Overall I'm hoping and praying July is a slightly better month than June.  x

SO.  Yep.  that's about it.  JULY IS HERE.  *moment of silence* also it currently feels like we're in a heat wave and I AM LIVING FOR IT.  I love summer haha ♥ 

What's some of your favorite ice cream brands/ways to eat ice cream? I'm trying to figure out how I want the video to be, so suggestions would be mucho appreciated! (i butchered spanish i know yes) 

how are you doing? excited for the q&a? I AM! (and also slightly nervous but hahaaaa) also I'm so excited for the fourth of july! are you doing anything to celebrate (if you're in the US, that is xD)? i bought a USA sweatshirt! :P