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Single-Serve Apple Crisp | fall recipe

YO.  You guys. It is I!!! The blogger who has been gone for the past few weeks.  OH MY.  THIS IS REAL.  I am here.  BACK.  Yes.  It feels so good to back behind the keyboard typing away.

So... what exactly have I been doing in the time where I did not post here? Wonderful question.  Do I have a answer? No, not really.  Basically I've been swimming in school and homework (trying to get those 100%'s is...well, trying), and also I've kind of-ish been plotting/planning for NaNo.  I DON'T KNOW WHAT I'M DOING, GUYS. This is the first time I'm ever trying to do it, and even though I'm not really doing it the "official" way (I'm going to try to do 1k a day!!), it still looks daunting and scary and awful and terrible and I'm not sure how November's going to be.  ASDKF.

Also, question, how on earth is it November already?
There's been so much happening in the real life right now that it's pretty crazy, but I'm just trying to keep the focus straight.  IT'S HARD.
I have a post for you guys today on -- FOOD.  Right. I feel like I just did a blog post on a recipe (like..um, Mint Chip Nice Cream, anyone?) but that was WAYYY back in the summer.  (Two months ago but who's counting??) Today we will be making lovely APPLE CRISP.  For fall of course.  But let me just tell you, I've been wanting to do this post since LAST YEAR.  November 2015 I had a brilliant idea to post a recipe on this apple crisp that I make so, so often.  Buuuut obviously last year I did not, therefore, it is here this year.
About this recipe? Basically, in a nutshell, it's a single-serve (kind of....I usually don't finish it in one sitting, BUT MAYBE YOU WILL! Although I definitely wouldn't call it a double-serving.) apple crisp made in a cute little ramekin (such a fun word) and filled with warm, yummy apples and a sweet, delicious topping.  Add ice cream and BAM you have the ultimate fall dessert.  Or you can add milk to it like I usually do (I tried almond milk once and it gave it this nutty flavor.  SO GOOD.) and eat it for breakfast! 

1-2 apples (roughly 1 cup chopped)
1/2 tsp. cinnamon
dash salt
2 tablespoons brown sugar (Coconut palm or whole cane will work too.  I've tried both before.)
1 tablespoon white sugar (I used xylitol and it worked fine.)
1/4 c. oatmeal
2 tablespoons flour
3 tablespoons oil (or butter)

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.
Chop the apples into small pieces and fill a small ramekin about 3/4 of the way full with the apples.  In a separate bowl, mix the flour, oatmeal, cinnamon, salt, and sugar until well combined.  Then pour the oil over the mixture and combine till it is thoroughly moistened and forms a crumble.  Pile the crumble on top of the apples and use your fingers to spread it on top.  There's no need to pack it down too much! Bake for 35 minutes and afterwards at five minute intervals or until the apples are bubbling underneath and the top is nice and golden.  Let it rest for 10 minutes and then serve! (Make sure you eat it with ice cream because that is bliss.)
Alright, that's a wrap for today! I have some more blog posts in mind, and I think I've got past my blogger's block.  THANKFULLY.  Also, I said this last time and I'm going to say it again I HATE THE LAYOUT OF RECIPE POSTS.  ughhhhh.  I had to remake the apple crisp twice because the pictures didn't turn out right the first time (that's why some of the pictures look different than the others), and then the LAYOUT.  Oh. my. goodness.  Does anyone know how to avoid a space between the pictures? In my dashboard it shows that there are no spaces between the pictures but in the actual post there's like this huge gaping space.  If you're like an amazing technical whiz DO YOU HAVE ADVICE FOR ME? :) It is honestly the most frustrating thing EVER.  AGH. 

Anyway, I  still really wanted to do this post because...well...apple crisp and fall.
Hahaha, so tell me about you! What's been going on in your life? Are you going to make this apple crisp? (UM like YOU SHOULD.  It's so good and easy and perfection in a ramekin.  Have you figured out I love that word yet? ;) How's school been going? OH are you doing NaNo? Any advice for a newbie? Are you excited?

You guys stay safe and have an amazing day xx

The Wisteria Writer Tag

A while back, several lovely bloggers tagged me to do this tag, and I USUALLY don't do tags, but this one was SO interesting.  I mean, writing? Count me in.  This tag is called the Wisteria Writer Tag.  So writer-ly, right? The amazing Grace Anne, Abbie, and Julia all tagged me to do this, so today here I am.  LET'S GO.

> Thank the blogger who nominated you
> Answer the ten questions
> Write ten questions of your own
> Nominate ten other people for the tag!


01. Do you keep a journal? OKAY so I kind of do.  I've been keeping it for a few years, but I don't really write in it regularly.  Like usually I'll catch up on it every few months and just jot down what's been happening in le life.  I just can't keep a diary everyday like some people do....IT'S TOO HARD.

02. What kind of music (if any) do you listen to while writing? I usually don't listen to music, just because I feel that it helps me focus better.  If I do though, it's just my Spotify playlist playing in the background and me not even hearing the songs as I furiously type away (aka one sentence every ten minutes.) 

03. Describe your favorite character that you've ever written. WHAT.  HOW CAN I.  HOW CAN I DO THIS.  This is too hard.  AAAHH.  Hmm, I honestly don't know.  This one is so hard, because I think I might've had a favorite character I wrote like a few years ago but I don't remember that character anymore? I'm not sure if that made sense, but yeah.  I'd guess if I would have to say currently, it's my main character in my WIP.  

04. How often do you write?  It used to not be too often, but recently I've been loving it a lot more and so I like to write something every day, even if it's not in my book or anything.  JUST WRITE.  

05. Worst thing that you've ever written? AHAHAHAH my first "books" probably.  I mean, literally everything about them is pretty cringe-worthy.  But I guess that's where I started so, it's  kind of interesting and funny to look back on xD 

06. Best thing that you've ever written? I'd say my devotional/spiritual stuff.  I love stories and imagining worlds and adventures, but I feel that more devotional type articles/poetry is more helpful for  me in the real world, and I love that.

07. What made you want to start writing? I started writing when I was like five.  I'd take pieces of card stock, scribble pictures on them and write words underneath them describing the picture, and staple the papers together and call it a book.  So I don't really remember when I "started" honestly.  It was just always...me. 

08. Best writing advice you've ever heard? Write what comes to you naturally and don't obsess too much over every single word.  Get the words out. 

09. Do you use Pinterest to plan your writing? So, I don't use my Pinterest anymore, *distant wail* but I did try to start using it a little, and actually, it really didn't help me a whole lot.  Like it never really helped me even with the characters.  I'd try to find people who'd match the descriptions of the character, but it never really helped me in actual WRITING. SO yeah.

10. Is there a specific author that inspires you? Hmm....I don't really have a favorite author.  I might like the book a author wrote, but I might not like another book that author wrote.  It depends really.


01. Do you ever absolutely hate writing?  At first I had typed in "of course" or something like that, but as I think about it more, do i REALLY hate writing...no I don't.  I get strongly frustrated by it, sure.  I get really annoyed at it sometimes, yeah.  But I don't think I could ever hate it.  

02. Have you done Camp Nano and/or NanoWriMo? I haven't! I'd really like to but I'm just so busy during November and July and it doesn't really happen.  But I want to someday.

03. Format as you write or leave that until last?  Format as I write FOR SURE.  I don't think I could do it any other way.  It just doesn't inspire me to write if the font and format isn't right.  I will literally change the font so many times when I'm writing.  I'm pretty sure it's not even right.

04. Have you ever lost a major amount of a WIP? And what would you do if you did?? *cries for you*  I don't remember if I ever have (I've lost blog posts before though. THAT IS THE WORST THING EVER.) But if I did I'm pretty sure that would be the most awful thing to ever happen.  I CAN'T EVEN IMAGINE THE HORROR.

05. Night Owl or Early Bird writer? Night Owl writer BY FAR.  I like to get up early, but I do that to watch the sun rise or do something else, not write.  
On the other hand, I'll usually be awake till wayyy too late in the night writing.  I just get so inspired and feel like writing and writing. 

06. What inspired your current WIP? YES I LIKE THIS QUESTION.  Hm, okay, well I only started it recently (a month or two ago).  I was inspired by a book that I'd read, and it was so gripping and and amazing.  I wanted to write something like that.  Something people would FEEL.  That's my goal with writing -- I want people to feel something in their soul.  To make them think.  I don't want to just write a story that someone reads and says, "That was nice." NO. I want to impact people.  (But idk this might just be the ENFP in me.)

07. What's your highest word count in a book so far? The only "book" I've ever written was a novella and it was close to 20k words.  So basically it was awful and when I look at it I cringe and hide.  But it was a start.  Kind of.

08. Short stories or no? OH YES.  All the way, man. Like I said up there ^^, my last book I wrote was ages ago and so in the meantime when I had no inspiration to write I wrote a LOT of short stories.  I seriously have no idea how many I've written.  What's cooler is that I've had like three published in a magazine.  I'm still trying to get over that. 

BUT YES short stories all the way.  I love writing them...I also like writing articles.  SO YES.  YES.  YES.

09. Do you share your writing with friends or family? Oh wow.  THIS IS TOUGH.  So yes and no.  The book I'm writing now? NO.  NEVER.  It's not going anywhere.  But in the past I've had several friends who would be "critique" partners so I'd send a story or part of one to them and they'd critique.  It didn't really work out...since we had different ideas for the story and it didn't work.  AT ALL.  And family? Not a whole lot...but I do share it with them a little.  They always have ideas on it sooooo that's good?  

10. Most embarrassing writing moment? I FEEL WEIRD SAYING THIS but I don't know.  Like I feel I should maybe have one? Looking back on things I wrote before is embarrassing.  The other day I was talking to a friend and I was talking about my book and she was like, "OH YEAH.  I remember like years ago I critiqued your one book?" and she proceeds to explain it to me and I'M LIKE YOU READ THAT BOOK WHY DID I LET YOU READ THAT BOOK.  She's just like, "I mean, it was kinda weird...I tried telling you but you didn't think so."



01. What is your earliest memory of writing? WAYYY BACK IN THE DAY.  Before I was in school. Like I said up there ^^^ I remember cutting out pieces of poster board, taking a black sharpie and drawing stick figures (THEY WERE ILLUSTRATIONS YO.  Oh wow that just reminded me of my 3rd grade self.  I was convinced I was going to become an artist.  DUDE.  OH MY.  OH WOW.  Oooooooh.  ouch.  That didn't happen.), and then I would write sentences describing the pictures below them.  I'd go to my mom and be like, "MOM.  I found this book! Do you want to read it to me?" 

yeah. that was me.

02. Girl’s POV or guy’s POV?  Girl's? I've just started writing in first person...so I've really only done girl's.  I think I wouldn't really understand fully how to write from a guy's POV.  ^_^

03. What is your best motivation to write? Reading.  Hands down, all the way.  If I pick up a good book and just sit and read, it inspires me to go WRITE my own story.  Because if that person could write that book and that story, you know, SO CAN I. 

04. Most words you’ve ever written in a day? Like 5 or 6k? I think so because a while back I'd started writing a book and I was so in love with it I just wrote the first 5-6k in one day.  I think I gave up on it the next day.

05. Tea or coffee? (While writing…you know. The question is relevant.) TEA!! I'm one of those people who don't drink coffee. All the people I know are literally coffee lovers and addicts (except one. ONE. one.) so I'm always the one who's lugging her fruit infused water bottle around while everyone else is like "CREAMER OR NO?"

06. Out of everything you’ve written, which book is your favorite? I've only written one book before, soooo.  I mean, I love the book I'm writing right now ^_^ But I honestly really don't know.  

07. Who is your favorite character and why? UM.  GOOD QUESTION. ALSO HARD QUESTION.  My main character is a lot like me, so I don't think I would necessarily say her, but her sister Alex is pretty awesome. Yeah.  I'd say her.  I think basically because she just gives that sister balance to my MC Dakota.  I DON'T KNOW HOW TO DESCRIBE IT.


09. If you had to burn one of your books, which one would you choose? HMMM okay so I've only ever written one other real book so i don't really know? Though, I mean, some of my earlier works of art way back in the day are pretty cringe-worthy ;) 

10. Worst spelling fail and best spelling victory? So I'm not actually too bad at spelling, but OH MAN.  There are those times when I just feel so inspired to WRITE WRITE WRITE you know? So I write like five pages just of pure inspiration and....okayyy let's just not go to how those pages look before I go fix the spelling of literally every 10 words out of 10 words.  ALKDFJSDKL



1) Which do you look up more often, the dictionary or the thesaurus? 
2) What inspires you to write? 
3) What do you write most? (Short story, poems etc.?) 
4) Do you use Pinterest to help you write?
5) How do you deal with writer's block?
6) When did you start writing? 
7) What is your favorite genre of writing?
8) How has writing influenced you?
9) When/Where do you write best?
10) Do you snack while writing?  


ALL RIGHT YOU ALL.  that sums it up. A lot of questions answered but I really loved doing it! SO LET'S TALK! Have you done this tag? (If not, you totally should! I TAG YOU.) Are you going to do it? How often do you write? Or do you write at all? Let's talk about writing! 

you guys have an amazing day and keep your chin up 
xx autumn 

50 Things to Try This Fall | Sophia

Since fall is officially here, I'm literally so stoked to have Sophia guest posting here on the blog! Muchos gracias to her :) If you don't already follow her blog you need to do that RIGHT AWAY. I hope you all love this post as much as I do, because her ideas are literally fall goals
Hey everyone! It's Sophia. I blog at the wild and wonderful The Teentrepreneur. Autumn so very graciously allowed me to use her space to to talk to ya'all today. Thanks Autumn!!

Anyway, as fall is fast approaching, I wanted to share some inspiration for ways you can enjoy this fall time. Here are 50 things to do this fall! Cheers!!

1. Light a candle.
2. Eat something spiced.
3. Make hot chocolate.
4. Do a photoshoot because those colors, man.
5. Buy a sweater.
6. Be extra kind to a teacher (think about those references you'll be needing!!)
7. Gather leaves.
8. Bake a pie.
9. Go for a walk.
10. Build a campfire.
11. Go camping.
12. Read a book.
13. Snuggle under the covers.
14. Go to the library and read a book written by an author from your state.
15. Go to the mall and buy all the summer stuff that should be on clearance.
16. Drink tea. All the tea.
17. Make a healthy lunch.
18. Try going without sugar for a day.
19. Eat honey.
20. Make a dessert with honey not sugar.
21. Put honey in your tea. (haha, can you tell honey's on my mind?? My family has honey bees and we are harvesting the honey right now!)
22. Buy your mom a candle.
23. Buy your mom some flowers.
24. Really just be nice to your mom bc she's your mom and this has nothing to do with fall.
25. Watch the stars.
26. Go on a drive in the country just to enjoy the colors.
27. Walk downtown.
28. Wake up super early to enjoy a hot drink and chilly air and the sunrise.
29. Stay up super late to enjoy a hot drink and chilly air and sunset and stars.
30. Or just sleep. Sleep is good.
31. Eat apples with peanut butter.
32. Go to an apple orchard.
33. Enjoy the smells.
34. Listen to some new music.
35. Listen to some old music.
36. Take aesthetic pictures.
37. Go on a coffee date.
38. Go on a hot cocoa date if you don't like coffee.
39. Go on a tea date if you don't like hot cocoa or coffee.
40. Have a sleepover. But like outside and pretend that you're camping.
41. Cry bc you really want to invite your blogger friends over for a sleepover but the live like on the other side of the world.
42. Send some snail mail.
43. Freak bc you've started a new year of school and you're getting SO OLD. Like now we have to do adult things...????
44. Text an old friend.
45. Eat banana bread.
46. Eat pumpkin bread.
47. Eat pumpkin bars.
48. Try to work out and run off all those carbs.
49. Chill in your pajamas and watch youtube.
50. Enjoy life.

What do you guys think? Do you have anything else you'll be trying this fall? If you'd like to chat about fall or life in general, I'm always over on The Teentrepreneur and would love to talk!! Also find me on twitter and instagram and pinterest under @tteentrepreneur. Toodles!

What's on your fall bucket list this year? Are any of these ideas on it? 
Thanks again to Sophia for the awesome post!
- autumn