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50 Things to Try This Fall | Sophia

Since fall is officially here, I'm literally so stoked to have Sophia guest posting here on the blog! Muchos gracias to her :) If you don't already follow her blog you need to do that RIGHT AWAY. I hope you all love this post as much as I do, because her ideas are literally fall goals
Hey everyone! It's Sophia. I blog at the wild and wonderful The Teentrepreneur. Autumn so very graciously allowed me to use her space to to talk to ya'all today. Thanks Autumn!!

Anyway, as fall is fast approaching, I wanted to share some inspiration for ways you can enjoy this fall time. Here are 50 things to do this fall! Cheers!!

1. Light a candle.
2. Eat something spiced.
3. Make hot chocolate.
4. Do a photoshoot because those colors, man.
5. Buy a sweater.
6. Be extra kind to a teacher (think about those references you'll be needing!!)
7. Gather leaves.
8. Bake a pie.
9. Go for a walk.
10. Build a campfire.
11. Go camping.
12. Read a book.
13. Snuggle under the covers.
14. Go to the library and read a book written by an author from your state.
15. Go to the mall and buy all the summer stuff that should be on clearance.
16. Drink tea. All the tea.
17. Make a healthy lunch.
18. Try going without sugar for a day.
19. Eat honey.
20. Make a dessert with honey not sugar.
21. Put honey in your tea. (haha, can you tell honey's on my mind?? My family has honey bees and we are harvesting the honey right now!)
22. Buy your mom a candle.
23. Buy your mom some flowers.
24. Really just be nice to your mom bc she's your mom and this has nothing to do with fall.
25. Watch the stars.
26. Go on a drive in the country just to enjoy the colors.
27. Walk downtown.
28. Wake up super early to enjoy a hot drink and chilly air and the sunrise.
29. Stay up super late to enjoy a hot drink and chilly air and sunset and stars.
30. Or just sleep. Sleep is good.
31. Eat apples with peanut butter.
32. Go to an apple orchard.
33. Enjoy the smells.
34. Listen to some new music.
35. Listen to some old music.
36. Take aesthetic pictures.
37. Go on a coffee date.
38. Go on a hot cocoa date if you don't like coffee.
39. Go on a tea date if you don't like hot cocoa or coffee.
40. Have a sleepover. But like outside and pretend that you're camping.
41. Cry bc you really want to invite your blogger friends over for a sleepover but the live like on the other side of the world.
42. Send some snail mail.
43. Freak bc you've started a new year of school and you're getting SO OLD. Like now we have to do adult things...????
44. Text an old friend.
45. Eat banana bread.
46. Eat pumpkin bread.
47. Eat pumpkin bars.
48. Try to work out and run off all those carbs.
49. Chill in your pajamas and watch youtube.
50. Enjoy life.

What do you guys think? Do you have anything else you'll be trying this fall? If you'd like to chat about fall or life in general, I'm always over on The Teentrepreneur and would love to talk!! Also find me on twitter and instagram and pinterest under @tteentrepreneur. Toodles!

What's on your fall bucket list this year? Are any of these ideas on it? 
Thanks again to Sophia for the awesome post!
- autumn 

made to inspire #12

"so we do not lose heart.  though our outer self is wasting away, our inner self is being renewed day by day. for this light momentary affliction is preparing us for an eternal weight of glory beyond all comparison, as we look not to things that are seen but to the things that are unseen.  for the things that are seen are transient, but the things that are unseen are eternal.  2 cor. 4:16-18

 thinking that i'm going to start using more Bible verses in these posts, because there should be nothing more inspiring on earth than the words of the One who made it.  
also i gave up pinterest so. 

but it's a good life, y'all.  what's new with you?
- autumn 

Summer 2016 Goals Wrap-Up

This year I posted twice on goals that I had for this summer.  I posted my Summer Bucket List  wayyy back in June and last month I posted my August Goals.  Both of them had some things that I really wanted to accomplish this year, and even though I usually forget about any goals that I set (THAT is why i never, ever, ever set those fishy New Year resolutions.  WHO EVEN FOLLOWS THROUGH WITH THEM. huh??), I decided to try to come up with a summer list and see how well I did at following through.

ha. ha..

1.  put mentos in diet coke

HAHAHA so this one I had originally wanted to do way back in that ancient year of 2015, but I didn't do it then, and therefore wanted to do it this summer.

I'm going to let you guys take a guess at whether I did it?


2.  have a perfect garden

Well, I had a garden this year.  I don't know if I would go as far as to call it perfect. We got kind of wrapped up in moving (It didn't happen yet, btw.  #stillpraying) and so I didn't have a lot of time that I just spent outside talking to my tomato plants about life.  Thankfully they still did okay.  And talking to tomato plants about life is just weird, man.

I also took a bunch of pictures with my new camera of my garden before the weeds overtook them :)

3.  sleep out under the stars

So this one I didn't really expect would happen, and it didn't.  I'm not super surprised that it didn't, namely because my family isn't really that type, and we were plenty busy.  SO.  I guess this is where I say "God's will only."

4.  have a photoshoot

This one was actually going to happen, but then the person I wanted to have it with was too busy or something and so it didn't happen.  BUT ONE DAY.

5. try macarons

alright, SO.  A while back, on Instagram, someone told me on there that McDonald's carries macarons.  So, I wanted to find out if only the bigger stores had it, or if alllll the branches of McD's carried it.  Well, my local McDonald's doesn't carry it (AND OH MY GOODNESS THE PEOPLE WHO WORK THERE ARE FREAKY.  I'm never going there again.  Like seriously you guys.  They were weird.) and we checked another McDonald's that's like half an hour away and they didn't either.  SO I DON'T KNOW, Y'ALL.  Maybe some do? Like maybe the big branches in big cities? Haha, yeah, I don't know.

And in all honesty I'm pretty sure the only time I'm ever going to try macarons is when I go to Paris. Someday.

6. happily survive school + be happy

UM.  I think I'd say that I did pretty good on this one.  I mean, I'm not like INTO school really. (HAHA PEOPLE I AM SO DONE WITH SCHOOL ALREADY.) But I mean it's basically what I expected? It's hard, sure.  It's not fun, sure.  But it's school and this is life.  SO.  YAYYY!!!!!

But in all reality, I'm just trying to keep my priorities straight and not look to the left or right and keep on.


 So that's about it! I'd say that my summer was good.  It was filled with long, carefree days and lots of warm weather and nice cream. (I am so so happy that I found out about that stuff. IT'S SO GOOD.) And while I AM TOTALLY mourning the fact that fall is settling in, I'm also happy.  It was a good summer, and I learned a lot about myself and God.  I can't wait for what this fall brings and I'm just going to come up and say it.  Autumn is hands down the most aesthetic season.  Sweaters, boots (combat boots are life, bro), books, chilly weather, fires, baking, BAKING, uggs, hot chocolate, and just all the awesomeness of it.  Summer will always be my favorite season, and I am really sad that it's leaving  (NONONONO), but fall is so beautiful too.

I mean, it's autumn....you know? ;)


So let's talk!! Did you get a lot crossed off your summer bucket list? ARE YOU EXCITED FOR AUTUMN? Seriously though, can you believe how fast the time flew? IT'S GOING TO BE 2017 IN A FEW MONTHS.  what.  even.  how is that possible?? Are you going to miss summer? *waves hands frantically* What's your favorite part about fall?