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Can I be honest? FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) is an all too real reality for me, and I'm guessing some of you can relate? I know that this is true for me a lot throughout the year, but I feel that especially in the summertime it's really bad.  I have expectations for summer, like we all do, and more often than not they don't necessarily HAPPEN.  

Last summer, I remember that I felt like everyone else around me was traveling, and I wasn't.  If you know anything about me, you should know that traveling is in my blood.  Visiting new places and the thrill of expanding horizons is incredible.  Last summer some of my friends went to TEXAS (That was like the worst.  I want to go to Texas so bad.  Scratch that, I just want to go everywhere.), my neighbors went to Missouri, and the rest went out to South Dakota. A few other friends went to New York multiple times, and let's not even mention all the ones that went camping like all the time.  Oh right, and another friend of mine just casually went to Guatemala
I was just like -- Dudes, take me with you.  But one thing I learned through that was that rather than counting the days, I should make the days count.

This summer, my problem was a little different.  I stayed at home a lot more, and I wasn't as active doing things as other summers.  In a lot of ways, it was nice.  I learned to trust and praise God even through the hard times, because hey, just saying, if I could be busy 25/8 I probably wouldn't mind. (Actually I would.) But, overall I didn't do a lot of things this summer.  So when I heard about Eventbrite's GOMO campaign, which stands for Going Out More Often, I was inspired to share with you my own ideas for GOMO this summer!

Eventbrite is the world's largest self-service ticketing platform.  Simply put, you can type in your location into the Eventbrite website, and it'll help you find out about local events in your area that you can participate in! Another great advantage of this is that you can create and host your own events and use Eventbrite to invite your friends! They support ticket sales and a variety of other features, including discounted options for non-profits so be sure to check out their easy event planning software. Today's post is going to be a few ways  on how YOU can conquer that summer boredom and GOMO with that little bit of summer we have left! I know that it is coming to an end, but at least the warm weather will be here for a little while yet. Let's make the most out of the time we have left!

Whether it's going for a jog in the evening or just strolling around in the morning, go outside and get away from everything else.  Relax and take time to meditate and refocus on what's truly important.  Nature just really speaks to me.  There's something so calm and peaceful about it. And it helps me to get back on track with God and life too.

I love to take a walk in my backyard in the early morning barefoot, because I read these PROVEN (i think?) reasons you should: 1) It rejuvenates your senses and calms the mind (I AM ALWAYS DOWN FOR THAT.) and 2) Stimulates your entire body, including the eyes. And even if not, hey, barefoot is the way to goooo. 

JUST. DO. IT.  JUST DO IT.  I HAVE FAITH IN YOU. (Plus, it is SO worth it.  Like, you can actually get work done.  IT'S SO SHOCKING.) And honestly, at the end of the day it just makes me feel like I actually did something with life.  The feeling is unbeatable, y'all.

Go and sightsee in your own town.  And trust me, I know what it's like to live in a small town where nothing "exciting" happens.  BUT BRO.  YOU make it happen.  There's this little ice cream shop in our town that I love to go to.  (There are people from my school who work there.  That's a smallll town.) Also my local library (although the people who work there aren't very nice :P) has some great spots to just read.  YESSSS!! There's also this little park just up the road from where we live, and it's hidden behind so many houses that it's really nice and secluded.  I LOVE IT.  

Yeah. Guys, just GOMO.
Behold a few reasons.

1. Ever heard that fresh air and sunshine is good for you?
2.  DO THINGS.  Go to a store, go to the library, visit a friend, go to an amusement park, hey you could even go to the bank.  Mine sometimes (like..once a year.  for one day.) has free chocolate milk.
3.  Working outside is really, really good for you.
4. It can help spark inspiration and creativity.
5. It makes you feel more connected to nature and to God.  WIN WIN. 
So, what are you going to do to GOMO as the summer comes to an end? Fear Of Missing Out is not fun, and we can't let that ruin the rest of the summer.  Let's be happy and thankful for what we DO have, and Go Out More Often! 

Sooo, I want to know, what are your thoughts on this? What are some more ways to GOMO before fall arives? And hey, we can still GOMO when fall arrives too, right? =) 

- autumn 

Mint Chocolate Chip "Nice Cream"

So, a long time ago I was looking for healthy alternatives to ice cream,  (DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVE THAT STUFF EVEN) and I came across this one-ingredient version of basically, a banana ice cream.  It's banana -- chopped, frozen, and blended into a soft-serve consistency OR it can be frozen for a firmer ice cream.  And as I learned...it's appropriately called "nice cream." IT'S NICE FOR YOU YO.  AND SO GOOD TOO.

July was National Ice Cream Month, but even though it's over, I'M STILL EATING ICE CREAM SO.  I made a lot of ice cream last month, and I experimented with a few different "healthier" versions of ice cream.  First version was frozen, blended banana.  Second version was a better take on the famous two-ingredient ice cream.  I made my own homemade dairy-free condensed milk and beat that with whipping cream.  Third version was THIS  one.  I found it on the Minimalist Baker site and it's a vegan, no-machine chocolate ice cream.  (SO SO GOOD.)  I actually do have a ice cream maker, we just packed it up a month ago when we were packing.  Obviously that was a bad decision. 

So all of those ^^^ were so so delicious and and incredible.  But I probably made the nice cream the MOST.  It's so easy, tastes really good, and is the BEST okay.  'nuff said.   Personally, my favorite way to eat it is with hot fudge sauce swirled in it or loaded on top (blissssss), but I'm thinking that this mint chocolate chip version is coming pretty close to being my favorite.

 There are so many variations that you can make with this ice cream, and THIS ONE IS SO SO GOOD.  I kid you not.  I experimented on this recipe like 4 times to get it right.  I didn't have any peppermint extract on hand when I started, so I decided to try something completely random and use fresh mint leaves.  Best decision everrr. It took awhile to finally get it to look right and TASTE right, but this nice cream is perfectly mint-y, creamy, bursting with flavor, delicious, and studded with chocolate chunks.
 Of course, if you want you can use mint extract, but I highly recommend that you try it out with fresh mint leaves.  The nice cream has a really nice fresh, strong flavor from it, which I don't mind, but just so you know that you can adjust the amount of mint to fit your preference! And I definitely recommend chopping up the mint beforehand unless you have a really strong blender.  I used a Vitamix, so I didn't, but I had small pieces of mint in my nice cream, which I didn't really mind.  And just a note, this isn't going to taste like your typical store-bought ice cream.  But the fact that it's really good for you and tastes good is like...the best thing ever.

Also I don't think you guys realize how happy and excited I am right now because GUYS I'M WRITING A FOOD POST I COULDN'T BE HAPPIER. *tears of joy* Not sure why but food blogging brings me great joy.  I might not be the very best at it (PSHH I'M NOT.) but it's SO. MUCH. FUN.  And obviously because exhibit ABC.  I'M JUST REALLY HAPPY RIGHT NOW.


  • 3 bananas, chopped and frozen
  • 1/4 c. mint leaves, finely chopped
  •  2-3 T. almond milk (or any other milk)
  • 1/4 c. chocolate chips
  • food dye (optional. I used a natural food dye)

1. In a blender, add in your frozen bananas, fresh mint leaves, almond milk, and food dye.  Blend on high speed or until a fluffy, soft-serve texture forms and all the ingredients are mixed together.  It's fine if there are a few little pieces of mint leaf.
 2.  Stir in your chocolate.  At this point, you can either immediately scoop it out and serve or pour into a container and freeze for several hours until desired consistency. 

SOOO are you going to try this out? ALSO DO  YOU KNOW HOW FRUSTRATING THE LAYOUT OF THIS POST HAS BEEN URGHHH.  I was very, very very frustrated at this post for the longest time....and I think I'm still a ltitle.  That's like the only con of making a recipe post...the layout is so tough.  Agh.


But what did you think? Have you ever heard of "nice cream"? Are you going to try it out? (pssst you should.  Summer's still here for a little ;) What's your favorite ice cream flavor in general? What do y'all think of me doing recipe posts like this? yay or nay? (I suppose I'll be fine if you say nay.) How's August going for you so far?

- autumn

August 2016 Goals

Okay so I'm pretty sure that August is going to be the craziest month out of this whole year.  (I actually have no idea since we still have four months left of the year but with my small, very limited vision I'm saying that so I really do not know.) But a lot of things might be happening in August (such as moving.  that's definitely not a big deal.) and so I wanted to make a list of goals.  

I know I have a summer bucket list that I'm working on (I actually completely forgot about it and I haven't looked at it since I posted it.  #fail), but I decided to make a smaller list of goals for one month and either a) combine all my results for both lists in one post or b) do both separate or c) classically not do either of them because you know...school.  Or some other excuse like that I'll have to figure it out later.  But I wanted to have a list for this month and just to see at the end of it what all I did and where God brought me to from the beginning of the month.  SO. This should be fun.
also could y'all give me your input? is this picture ^^ too big for your screen or is it about right? THANK YOU GUYS 

So this was on my official summer bucket list, but I'm really hoping it becomes a reality this month.  Ha, if it doesn't my friend is going to be so freaking mad so I'm guessing it will.  ^_^ (SHE'S LIKE ONE OF THOSE HUMANS WHO LIKES TO GET IT DONE.)

Same as the first, this one was also on my official list but I wasn't quite sure how it was going to happen, since my local Trader Joe's is like an hour away.  BUT on Instagram someone mentioned to me that McDonald's carries macarons?? SO I want to check that out for sure!

SO GUYS.  Let's sit down and chat.  August is a great month, full of exciting opportunities and moments.  The weather's warm, the sun's out, you get to eat ice cream!! Spending time with friends and family, enjoying summer to the fullest -- that's August.  Now, there comes another part to this wonderful month of August.  You may or may not have heard me rant about it before, and it's this ever-lovely thing called school.  Yeah, it's fantastic.
*screeches to a halt* 

Haha, okay so this one sounds really cliche (generally speaking) but I really want to try to live it out this month.  I have no idea what God is going to do and I'm really excited to see what He's going to do this month.  We're planning on moving (!!) and I'm praying that some other stuff falls into place.  I want to trust God more and learn to live a life that's full of purpose and meaning for Him.  And whatever happens this month, I want to be able to say at the end that God is still good and being in the center of His will is truly what makes life worth the living. ♥


Alright y'all so that's it! Those are my goals for this month, and I know there's not a lot but considering how good I do with goals/lists um right.  Let's hope for the best.

I believe that August is going to be a really good month, and not just if things go my way.  God is on the throne, school is just me + lots of little (not little) homo sapiens who really don't care and basically I'm going there to get an education so end of story.  (Quote: The giant in front of you is never as big as the God in you.) Besides that, I really want to finish the summer strong and take every moment as it comes.


Oooh and guys, I'm going to be a part of an up-and-coming blogger online magazine called Paper Comets, which is part of a bigger community called Freckled Minds.  SUPER EXCITING STUFF, MAN!!! If you want to learn more about all of that good stuff, click HERE.  

SO LET'S TALK!! What are your goals for this month? What are your thoughts as we're heading into August? CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT 2k16 is 3/4 OVER?????? Just let that sink it. Whaat?? I just can't.  Also, yay or nay for school? (IF YOU SAY YAY I'LL BE HAPPY but I'm saying nay so I get that too.) 

Also, get ready for a ton of fun posts this month! I have a few planned out that I'm super excited about.  Wooooot. ^_^

So I hope you guys all have a wonderful day and stay positive because life is precious and the most incredible gift♥
- autumn