Entry for Storyteller!

24 March 2013

He everyone! I hope you liked my Palm Sunday post! Anyways, in the nick of time, I am gonna do an entry for Storyteller's Secret Story Contest! Here it is!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thirteen-year-old Stephanie Rachelle Falter is in for a head-spinning adventure. Her family, Matt, Carl, and Jenny, are eating breakfast casually one day, and the mailman arrives. What happens next is in words only one could understand if reading it. The whole family heads over to Hawaii, to find themselves lost, sick, and just wanting to go home. But through God, the whole family makes it and finds Hawaii to be a picturesque, scenic area.  Join the Falters as they take you through a mind-boggling adventure in Hawaii!

About the Author

Anastasia "Asia" Watterson is the author of seventeen best-selling books. Growing up in rural Illinois on a farm, many of her books relate to farm life. Hawaiian Adventure was inspired by a trip to the Hawaiian Islands. Anastasia has also written the popular series among teenagers, Are You Free? Anastasia has started publishing books since the age of fifteen.


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