Book Report

12 April 2013

 Hi everyone! Today I am going to do a book report on a favorite book from one of my favorite series. Wildwood Stables! I read a few books from there and they are very interesting though they  are mainstream. (Not especially Christian) But they are interesting and OK, so here is a little report on #5 from the series, Stealing the Prize!

  Stealing the Prize was written by Suzanne Weyn. It is about a girl whose name is Taylor Henry. She keeps her horse, Prince Albert at a Stables called Wildwood Stables. In return she volunteers and helps out there. Her friend, Mercedes is banned from coming there by her mother but comes anyways. Mercedes' family had had a ranch before they had to sell. She had lost track of her horse, Montana Wind Dancer also called Monty until she found out that an elaborate ranch nearby had him! Earlier in the series, Taylor Henry had won free riding lessons to the Ross River Ranch, which was the ranch that had Monty. She invites Mercedes to come over and watch and see her horse. In the end of the book, Mercedes gets Monty back though. Also in the book, a bratty girl named Plum Mason has a Arabian horse named Shafir at the stables. She mocks and taunts Taylor Henry a lot. Plum is entering a English -Style jumping show and mocks Taylor Henry until she says she will enter too. But of course Taylor Henry will go in the beginners' class. Plum Mason wanted to win though, so she went for the beginners' too, even though she could go to the higher ones and still win. Then Shafir bucks and Plum is disqualified. In the end, Taylor Henry wins third.
   This book was pretty interesting though like most fiction, all is great and happy at the end. I would recommend it, though it's not Christian. But just for entertainment still.

  Did you like it? Tell me in a comment. I might do more book reports. ~Autumn


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