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07 April 2013

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Anna under the Stars
  Anna thought quickly then wrote “867” on top of the math problem. Her mind wandered off, then returned as she felt Miss Gregory’s eyes piercing into her. 367, what is that plus 689? Let’s see… She wrote the answer and tackled the others. Finally when she was done, she brought the paper to the stacker. Going back to her desk, she got out a book and started to read as she waited for the others to finish. She couldn’t concentrate though, her mind kept thinking to the next night. Her and her best friend, Cathy was going to have a campout/sleepover kind of thing. She was so excited! She had already packed her bags, and all sorts of fun items for them to do. Cathy was bringing the tent, so Anna was in charge of everything else. She hurriedly put the book down as Miss Gregory stood up.
“Class, get out your math books.” She instructed firmly.
“What?” Kelsey’s hand shot up.
“Yes, Kelsey?”
“We never have a math lesson when we have a test.” She reminded Miss Gregory.
She stared at Kelsey, “Well, you were off Monday so we have to make up for it, eh?” The class looked grim. Monday had been Earth Day so they had been off, but this stunk.
Kelsey sighed and looked at the black board. Miss Gregory went on, “OK, today we’re learning about circles. The term for a thing which stretches from one end of the circle to the other is the diameter and the…” Anna sighed and thought Miss Gregory is pretty strict all right!”
  It was the day after, and Anna had just come home from school. She bounced into the house happily. Setting her book bag and lunch box down she scampered up to her room. Sitting on her bed she got out her note book and looked at the list she had written. OK, I did this… this...  she looked down the list, nope, nothing she had forgotten. Getting up, she put the note book down and walked out of the room. Going to the staircase she yelled.
“MOM! I want an after school snack.”
“OK,” The voice was distant.
  Sighing, Anna decided to take matters into her own hands. Walking to the kitchen, she got some chocolate chip cookies and a glass of milk. She had to take milk because her dentist had recommended it. And ‘recommend’ meant ‘you have to’ usually. So she was stuck with milk. But it wasn’t too bad. After the snack, she went back up to her room. She pulled all the bags together and set them in a corner. Next she tackled her bedroom, she was sure Cathy would visit her room, taking the stuffed animals; she piled them on top of her dresser. Grabbing the dirty wash, she stuck them in a hamper. After scurrying around a little, she got the room perfectly clean. After that, she went downstairs to the kitchen table to work on some homework. 
“Uh… Mom… I need help in Grammar.” She shouted to Mom who was in the wash room.
“Soon,” was the only reply given to Anna. Sighing, she pulled out her Math homework. Even though it was only Friday, she liked to get her homework done early, just in case she couldn’t get it done. Just then her mom called out, “Hey, Anna, better go get a better pair of clothes on… Cathy will be here any time.”
Anna let out a squeal of excitement then went up to her room, shouting on the way, “OK, thanks!!! I guess I’ll just get my homework done later.”
“OK.” Mom shouted back.
 Anna raced all the way back to her now-clean bedroom. Looking around in her closet, she realized she hadn’t cleaned her closet. The Lord of the Rings Book was lying on the floor, the pages flipped open carelessly. Another pair of blue and gray converse shoes was lying on the floor with a little box of candy stuck in between. Sighing, she slipped a plaid shirt on and a jean skirt. Racing downstairs, she saw Cathy.
“Aaah!” Cathy rushed out to meet her. They gave each other a great big bear hug, and talked excitedly.
“Ready to go?”
“Yeah, where are your bags?”
“Oh, upstairs, want to come?”
“Sure but make it quick.” Cathy said hi to Mom then followed Anna up the stairs. When they got the bags Cathy’s mom drove to the place, a nice breezy park where they were going to have the campout.
It was ten o’ clock, and the girls were still chatting happily inside the tent when Cathy made mention of sleep.
“Hey, Anna?”
“Ya wanna go to bed… I mean… it is ten o’ clock all ready.”
“I...I- mean... well... suppose we stay up a few more minutes? I’d still like to talk.”
“Maybe... well... how about we settle down a little bit, and we can talk a little bit while we lay down?”
“Great!” Anna ripped open a package of Ritz crackers and gave some to Cathy.
Dear Diary,
    Urggh...urghh, Cathy is beside me and must be snoring her head off. That’s not what woke me up though... It’s 4:00 AM, and I should be sleeping, but I woke up and realized I hadn’t written for you so here I am. This weird shadow keeps moving over the tent and I wonder what it is. Should I check? I’m writing this under the covers with a flashlight... I’m that scared! OK, I’m braving it and checking it out... hold on. AAAHHH! I was a fool! It was a tree branch waving back and forth!!!! I am so stupid................... DUH! Oh, well... so better go back to bed. Wait I can’t go to bed yet. I just remembered what I told Mom yesterday, I said if I could I’d go and sit under the starts (alone) for a little, and since I’m awake, I’m going to. Hold on... WOW! It’s beautiful outside. The stars are shimmering peacefully, the dark navy blue sky reaches on and on, like a dictator wanting more and more control. The trees stand gravely, their leaves flutter in the wind. Everything is so beautifully quiet, except this pen scratching on the paper. Everything sings glory to its Maker, Jesus. Ohhhh, it’s so beautiful I think I’ll stay out a little bit longer. Bye, Diary, until next time.
  Anna tucked the Diary away and gazed skyward. She didn’t know what tomorrow would hold, but let it come! God would always be by her side and help her.

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