H O M E  |  A B O U T   |  C O N T A C T  |  B U T T O N |


 Here is a beautiful poem, it brings out the common everyday life:
" The colored sunsets
  and the starry
heaven's, the beautiful                                                           
  mountains and the shining seas,
 the fragrant woods and
painted flowers are
  not half so beautiful
as a soul that is
    serving Jesus out of
love, in the wear and tear
 of common 
unpoetic life."
Isn't it lovely? Please comment and tell me what you think. See how the last two phrases are not at all rhyming? Unpoetic life, unpoetic poem.....see? The whole poem isn't rhyming but it's kind of poetical at least. I love it!


  1. Yes, that is a neat poem:) Really neat picture too:)


  2. Thank you, Layla!! Yeah, actually it's supposed to be a picture of a flood:P :(

    1. Umm...not so neat picture:(

    2. Awww... come on! JK, yeah.... :) :D


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