Book Report #2

21 May 2013

OK, so a long time ago, I did a book report. If you have not seen it, click this to go and read it. But I decided to do another one. So, let's get started. The book I am doing it on is  A Song for your Honor. It's a really cool book, plus it's true and happening in Modern day! It's great and will definitely inspire you while bringing a few tears to the eye as you read. This is what the front cover of the book looks like.

A Song for Your Honor is very touching. In it, Kay Evans, a single mom whose husband died in the beginning of the book, wants her children not to see worldly influences. Before her husband, Ron, died, she and him had kept the children home schooled. She still kept them homeschooled after he died, but it was hard. She faced strong opposition from  her in-laws. Then, her in-laws pressed charges against her. She was put in prison, and her in-laws got the children. The reason Kay didn't want her children to be with  her in-laws was because they would take the children to places where Kay didn't. Bad places. When the children were under custody of their in-laws, the in-laws were giddy. They were so 'fakely' kind to the children. Th family was on the run for many years, and eventually settled in Middle America. But sadly, the in-laws found them  there too. Read the book to find out what happens to the family in the end. :)

Sorry I left it at such a suspesful place...but whatever. Bye~Autumn

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