City Girl

11 May 2013

I decided to make a book in which I would post parts every time I felt like it. (They will be done as posts) I'm not going to give you much background, just read on. :)

City Girl #1

 I could hear laughter behind me. I didn’t care. I fled and ran. To where? I didn’t even know.


 My feet thudded the ground as I flew down the dusty sidewalk. I saw a few people turn their heads and stare at me for a second. Let them. I didn’t care. Very rarely did I make interaction with people who probably think I’m half-lunatic. Why would anyone? I stopped short at the sight of a little abandoned hut I had found way out in the country. It was the place I called home. I guessed it was probably some for farmer’s old shed they had deserted. It was pretty nice, actually.

 The walls were totally blank. I had filled in the cracks with packed mud. I had hung a few posters up on the side of my “bed.” My “bed” as I called it, was very cheap. It was a few wooden planks I had found with an old, patched up sheet. I had put some various items I had found underneath to make it a little cushion-y. Over on the other side of the hut was a little ancient cupboard.  In it were a few essentials I had to make my life. I had some instant oatmeal packets I had found discarded from a huge mansion, practically. I guessed it had had been outdated. I didn’t care; outdated stuff was fine with me.

 Some water bottles, and some other clothes, in case I ever got too dirty. But my clothes were fine with me. I sighed and grabbed a few instant oatmeal packets. After cooking it, I nestled down onto my bed to view the items of the day I had brought in.  I took a bite, then pulled the old rusted harmonica I had found out. I brushed away some of rust dust can blew a few notes on it.  It was really great! I smiled and shoved it into the cupboard. Here was a little instrument to keep me company in the evenings.

 I finished my oatmeal and I pulled out my other find. Today I had only found two items, but the harmonica had made it very special, even though it was only two finds. My other find was an old, patched, worn-out wallet. I could hardly keep from laughing! This was awesome! A wallet! I didn’t care how old it was, it was a wallet!  Now there would be a safe place for me to store the very scarce money I brought in sometime. Not that I steal,     I do odd jobs once in a while and make a living of off that.

That’s who I am. A city girl who runs the streets up and down trying to find something. Who tries to keep herself alive. I groaned at the thought. But I had learned to live with it. I decided to retire for the night, and that’s when it came. The dreaded knock on the door. Somebody had come. Note to self: Next time, try to find a safer place.


    Heh, heh, heh...
    Please write more.

    1. As soon as I can! I'm glad you like it! :)

  2. Wow, Can't wait to read the next part!!

    1. Thanks, that's really sweet!


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