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13 May 2013

I got it set up. You can see it under "adventures & experiments" Please do it, I'd love seeing your answers! I know it's a little long, but I hope you don't mind. ;) 

Anyways, last time you all really seem ed to like City Girl, so I'm going to post the second part.

City Girl #2
Last time:

That’s who I am. A city girl who runs the streets up and down trying to find something. Who tries to keep herself alive. I groaned at the thought. But I had learned to live with it. I decided to retire for the night, and that’s when it came. The dreaded knock on the door. Somebody had come. Note to self: Next time, try to find a safer place.

  I got up from my bed cautiously. Walking over to the wooden door, I pulled it open. I gasped. A large robust man stood there. But not like a government official, this looked like a gangster or something.
“Hi.” He said loudly.
“Hello. Who are you?” I asked him. I didn’t like the looks of him.
“Just call me Nick or Duane.” He answered.
I wondered secretly if he was lying. Nick and Duane did not match up. It would at least make more sense if he said ‘Nick or Dominic’.  “OK. What do you want?” I asked.
“Uh, do you know around here really good?” He staggered a little.
“No. And please go away. I do not want to talk to strangers. ” I hope I sound stern.
“Girlie, I dunno where I’ll be a’sleepin’.” His voice is slurred. I wonder if he’s drunk.
“Then find somewhere!” I yell, then slam the door in his face. I gasped wildly. That was a freaky experience.  Not my most freakiest, but pretty freaky. I looked out my little spyhole in the door and looked out.  The man, Nick, is walking away, staggering like a drunkard. I breathed a sigh of relief. I hoped I wouldn’t ever see him again. Little did I know how much I was wrong.
 “Hello? Martha? Are you there?” The voice on the other end muttered something I couldn’t hear.  I glare at my cell phone.  “Stupid. Pure stuipidness.”  I tossed it onto the cot.  I wonder what I should do next. I had tried to contact Martha, my other street friend. I decided on sudden impulse to go find her.
I grabbed my patched up jacket and headed out the door. The cool breeze feels good. I start running and find myself in the city pretty soon.  I run to the store where Martha usually hangs around. Then something makes me gasp, a whit pickup is driving down the junky alley. But that’s not all; a gagged Martha is staring helplessly at me from the back. I whirl around.

I hoped you liked it! More coming up! ~Autumn

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