Stand Up

30 May 2013

I'm doing another inspirational post. That's what I call it, anyways.

She slammed the door as she entered the kitchen. She'd had a rough day at school. The girls at school had dared her to do something that deep deep down inside she knew was wrong. She'd done it, she'd blown it. She'd made a failure. She felt like a failure.She muttered to herself as she poured herself a tall glass of milk. "How much stupider could a girl get?"  She sighed heavily as her mom entered the room. "What happened today, honey?" Her mom asked in a gentle tone of voice that it softened her heart a little. 
"Mom I'm a total failure."
"Why? You know that's not true." 
She explained the whole story to her mom.  Her mom listened wisely. She knew this case all too well, she'd seen it a lot when she was a child.....

So that was a sort thing I made up. I thought the picture went all too well with the story. Anyways, what I'm trying to say is that we all have ups and downs in life. None of us  are perfect. It's true. It may seem   that all your friends have the perfect lifestyle, you're the only one who has trials in life. Or maybe it isn't like that, maybe they have good grades and you fail tests. Or it could be anything else.But what I'm saying is, you aren't the only one. There is no one perfect. I make mistakes, a lot.The Bible backs us up on that, it says, "For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. ." Romans 3:23 So true, it's amazing yet sad. And even if you are facing troubles anywhere, anytime, just pray to Jesus. He'll be by your side, whenever you fall. Please check this song out by Tenth Avenue North,  By Your Side.  

Do you like it? It's so true. 
 Even though that split-second, when you find yourself in that horrible situation. You know you should do what's right, yet you can't bring yourself to do it. There is some cost and you don't know of you can do it. Maybe it's losing your friends, or maybe you'll lose something valuable and treasured.  So you agree with your peers, then you regret your decision. What I do in those horrible moments? I will myself not to give in, though I have failed many a time.  Everybody does. It's our human nature. Some people are born leaders, and some are born followers. And even in those moments when I'm the followers, I want to still have my self-confidence. Self-confidence. You have to tell yourself, Look, maybe I'll be hated and scorned and...(Don't take it to extremes. LOL. :) but if I do the right thing, I'll feel glad and happy knowing I did the right thing. And though you may get the silent treatment, (when everybody ignores you) or get the icy glare, you will be happy. And when you seem to not be able to do it on your own, I know who to turn to. Jesus. He'll be right there, helping you with every action and word you say. Promise. He'll always be there.                           

So, to close up, this is all I'm going to say,  Stand up for what's right. Don't look to the right or left, (I think that's in the Bible) and ask Jesus to come help you.

..."OK, sweetie, Let me tell ou this, even though you may seem downcast now, it won't stay like this."
"Why...and how?"
"If you ask and let God help you in those situations, it'll be a piece of cake. God wants to help you, you just have to let Him."
"How can I? And when I do, will I never have fear again? And will I feel better instead of downcast?" She poured out the questions.
Her mom chuckled. "Whoa! Slow down! Well, I'm glad you eager to learn, though. To let Him be by your side, just pray in your own way, pray for Him to come and help you in the tough situations and whatever else you need. And, I'm sorry, but it's not like you'll never again have fear, there will be times when you will be frightened, but in those times, just ask Him to come and He will and help you. Then you won't have fear. And, last. yes sweetie, if you ask Him right here and now to come and help you, you'll immediately feel a lot better. Guaranteed."."Thanks, Mom." The girl hugged her mom then bowed her head and prayed. A heartfelt prayer to her Heavenly Father. And then, her fear was taken away and a glorious and victorious feeling rose up within her. You can have this too! Just ask God to take away your fear and replace it with courage and His peace!





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