City Girl

08 June 2013

Hi everyone! after a long time, I'm posting City Girl again. Enjoy!

Last Time:

I wonder what I should do next. I had tried to contact Martha, my other street friend. I decided on sudden impulse to go find her.
I grabbed my patched up jacket and headed out the door. The cool breeze feels good. I start running and find myself in the city pretty soon.  I run to the store where Martha usually hangs around. Then something makes me gasp, a whit pickup is driving down the junky alley. But that’s not all; a gagged Martha is staring helplessly at me from the back. I whirl around.

 I stared at the dusty street, not daring to look front. Was that honestly Martha? It couldn’t   be. Not Martha. My best friend, I groaned. I turned and looked, but I was too late. The pickup was speeding down the road, and I couldn’t really see it anymore. I walked down the road a little where I had first seen the truck. I strolled down, nothing as far as I could see. Then I thought I saw a scrap of paper floating around on the middle of the road. I waited for a nice breeze to blow it to me. A couple seconds later, a nice gentle breeze came and directed it to me. I picked it up, and guess what I saw? Well, this is what it read.

If somebody is reading this, it must mean they care about the girl. Follow this “treasure hunt” to find her. It will lead you through dangers. You may be very discouraged and at times put at great peril. Beware, dangerous. Be prepared.
I gaped. What was happening to Martha? I looked around and thought a little. Would Martha do this for me? She would. She was devoted to me as much as I was to her. I would do this...for my best friend. I set my lips in a firm line and read the first clue.

Go to South Side Meadow. You know. Go! You will hear something.
I laughed. South Side Meadow? Was this person crazy? South Side Meadow was an abandoned meadow left behind by some people when the bank had foreclosed it. It was a place of horror, people said. People just call it that, I never knew why. It was a nickname I suppose. Why would they want me to go there? That wasn’t even dangerous! Oh well, this might still be a little dangerous. I better get prepped for the little “excursion.”

 What did you think of it?


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