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04 June 2013

Hi everyone! Today I'll be kind of showing you my reading Stats.

This month: June 2013

Trouble Times Two ~ Marsha Hubler ~ Keystone Stables Series
Nancy Drew Book (I can't remember the name) ~Carolyn Keene

Jungle Doctor Spots a Leopard ~ Paul White ~ Jungle Doctor Series

OK, that's all I have so far, maybe in a week or two I'll post more updates. You should check each of those books out, they're amazing!!!!

Anyways, since this month is June, (That really has nothing to do with it.) I want to have some really nice posts on here. And also, sometime (I have to pick the day yet)I'm going to ignore the fact the title on this blog says "Reading and Writing" I'm going to just post randomly, as if I could  post about anything and everything, because it's been getting harder  to totally concentrate just to get the posts on reading and writing.  So, I can't wait for that. Plus, I have a bunch of posts planned for you guys!!!!!!!!!!    :) :D




  1. I've read almost all of the Nancy Drew books!

    1. They're awesome right? When I was checking out the book, my librarian said, "The Nancy Drew books are awesome right???..." They're really popular!!

  2. Hi!! I love your blog! I just found it through another blog. I'm going to follow via Bloglovin'. :)
    Yes! Nancy Drew is AMAZING! I've never heard of those other books, I'll have to look into them!


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