Make every moment count

09 August 2013

Have you ever thought about it that life could slip away from us any moment? We have to be on guard for every moment could be out last.

Think about it, every moment you're just sitting around being idle could be spent helping take care of old people, or anything that would make a difference in someone's life.

I was reading a book a few weeks ago that was made up of short stories. In one of the stories was a story about a girl who started writing letters to invalids and old people she had never met.

I got really inspired by the story and started asking my friends for old people they knew. And I seriously think it's really nice because imagine yourself very old and nobody cared about you or so it seems. If you would get a letter from a young person it would cheer you up very much...don't you agree?

So let's all do something do help somebody and make every moment count!

Have a richly blessed day!

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