02 August 2013

 Praise the Lord in joyful song,
Praise Him, Praise Him all day long.
But what of me, I cannot sing;
I have no melody to bring?
Then read again, oh joy of joys,
The Lord said, “Make a joyful noise.”

I just LOVE to just seems so nice to do when you're bored. In the shower, before I go to bed, practically all the time :) really isn't wrong to sing. Unless you're in church and you start belting out a song you heard on your friend's MP3 player...which I don't think you ever did before =) (unless you did...did you?) ;)

What's really dumb is when you just make up a song and your friend asks you, "hey, what song is that? I like it!" and you're like ,"Uh...uh...just a song..." haha <----- that NEVER  happened to me (yet?)  
OK, it's like this, it's good to sing, but there should be limits somewhere.. You are supposed to make a joyful noise unto the Lord, which in other words could be singing. main point is....singing is great!

(I add a lot of thought before exposing the main point, huh?)

Well, I don't know, but one of my best friends, has this really shrill voice. It's sounds great, don't get me wrong, but it's really really shrill. Almost..too shrill? I have this more so of a soprano voice...but when I'm alone and singing the scales up and goes...high...higher...highest.....(really high) then...low...lower...lowest.... (really low)

Anyways, I've talked about singing for long enough I think.

I'll add some songs to this post before I go I guess...

                                                                     Owl City  <3 <3

..Do you like singing? Do you sing soprano alto etc...?


  1. I love those songs!! Owl City was already an all-time favorite of mine, but I like those other two a lot too!!!

    I adore singing! I sing all the time. I never took any lessons, so I don't know what I am. Is there an easy way to know? I can't sing very high though!

  2. :) I just figured out what I sing via a YouTube video. I guess I'm Alto, but I can sing low enough to sing Tenor too.

    1. That's great...both are important!


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