City Girl

19 September 2013

Last time...

"You just reminded me of someone." He finally said.
We went back to work, but I still couldn't shake the thought,I reminded him of someone? But who?

 The next day, me and Jake rode double on Joker and went in search of Martha. We decided to take the back roads to avoid as much human civilization as possible. We weren’t in a very good shape. We both were disheveled, and badly in need of a bath. I hoped to suggest to Jake that we could stop somewhere for the night instead of camping outside. And we didn’t necessarily have any clues to where Martha might be. We were just going on a road, for all I knew Martha could well be half a state across from me!
 “Jake?” I asked.
“Yeah?” He replied.
“Do you think we should stop soon? It’s near lunchtime.”
“Yeah.” He scratched his head.  “We still haven’t made much progress, have we?”
“Uh-huh, do you think we can find a clue as to where she could’ve been?”
“Maybe, hey, you know what we should do?” Jake asked with a burst of surprise.
“What?” I asked, mystified.
“We should ask the townsfolk if they’ve seen a white pickup!”
“Exactly!” I caught on instantly. If one of them had seen it, maybe we could get a clue which direction they were heading.
 Jake pulled Joker to a stop, and Jake swung off then helped me get off.  I was pretty jittery around horses. We walked down the sidewalk for a little, and presently found a small restaurant. We went in, ordered some food, ate it and then asked the waitress if she had seen a white pickup. She said no, and went back to her business. I felt keenly disappointed, and was certain Jake was too. We discussed it as we headed out. We were about to cross the street when- a white pickup speeded past! I gaped and Jake stared in astonishment at it. Then all of a sudden he whipped out a paper and pen and jotted down the license plate number.
 “Good thinking, Jake.” I said. “I’m sure I would’ve forgotten.”
He smiled forgivingly, “Yeah, it came to mind suddenly.” He thrust the paper in my hand. I stared down at it. The numbers and letters were jumbled, making no sense. I shrugged my shoulders.
“I don’t know. What should we do with it?”
“Probably take it to the police station. Hopefully they can identify it.” Jake replied.
“Yeah,” I nodded in agreement, then added “But we have to wash up first. I look a mess, no offense, but you do too.”
He laughed. “Yep, I know. How about we see if we can find a kind place that’ll let us shower up?”
“Sounds good.” I said. We started down the street again.

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