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07 November 2013

 This is the day that the Lord hath made, I will rejoice and be glad in it.

Every day is a blessing given to us by God. We are so accustomed to the idea of waking up to sunshine, birds chirping, dew on the grass, and a brand new day! What would you think if you woke up and it was pitch darkness? We would glance at the alarm clock : 8:00. Huh? What in the world is happening?

 Every day we can do something we with it. We can let it breeze by and sit on the couch and and do nothing or we can get up and go help the world! God watches how we spend our days. Do you really think He's like, "Oh, great! They're doing nothing!" ? Or do you think He's saying that when we're helping the poor , and being useful. I certainly think of the second opinion better!

 We should use every day to bring glory to God and show the world the One true God.


 I have been really inspired to write lately. It seems it's all I do on the computer. I want to just show you a little tidbit of my writing:

 The day was a nice, warm one. Perfect for swimming near Uncle Jeffery's pool. It was Grandfather's, but after he passed away it became Jefferey's. I asked Mom and as soon as I got her approval,  I phoned my chums, Kasey Ann, Alyssa Taylor, and Evelyn Piper. As I got their consent, I finally phoned Uncle Jefferey. It went to voice mail. Oh well, he never minds anyways. He said, after all, one time, "You're welcome anytime, Kath, just bring your friends over." After mulling on this important decision, I decided to just go with my friends.

 Nearly two o clock in the afternoon, we were having a blast. I had not seen any sign of Uncle Jefferey, but paid no attention.  He would most likely return home soon enough. Meanwhile, we were having fun. We changed into our bathing suits and dived in. We swam, dared each other, pushed each other, and told secrets. After a while, we began to tire.
"Let's go romp and see if Jeffy left anything for us to eat." Eve suggested. She liked to call Uncle Jefferey Jeffy because it sounded cuter to her.
"Wouldn't it be wrong if we did? Maybe Kath could, but we shouldn't." Lissa, the sensible, wise, and strong girl said.
"No, it's fine." I said in turn. "We're allowed. Uncle Jefferey told me so once."
That settled it. We went straightway to the house and began opening the door when Kasey gasped. "Oh, stop, Kath!"
"Look! A note!" She pointed to a torn piece of lined notebook paper laying on the porch floor in an unusual manner.
I picked it up and read it. Slowly the realization hit me. Mother had always said we were a unique family. I wondered what she had meant, but she always said, "You will go in turn."
"Where?" I had asked. She had just smiled and shook her head.
This note could change my whole life.


  1. I like it! Guess what? The new doll I am going to get is going to(probably) be name Evelyn Piper!!

    1. Thanks!
      Seriously? That is soo awesome! Why did you pick it?

    2. It was going to be my aunt's baby's name if it was a girl, but she had a boy and I loved the name.:)

  2. This is amazing! You are so talented with writing! Keep it up;)


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