27 December 2013

OK, so candles = my obsession. Seriously. I am totally literally a candle addict. :) Candles smell good, look good, (taste good? YUK.) and are amazing! I thougt I should do a post on here, so today I will be-
ranting about candles (*yessssss*)

So, yes, I am aware of the fact that candles is a rather odd subject to talk about, but I mean, what else is there to talk about? (other than my other obsession, which if you don't know is horses, which reminds me that today I went horse back riding while my friend did therapy but I was supposed to be helping her but she told me I could go see the horse but I asked the girl who owned the horse if I could ride so she helped me get the saddle on and I was riding this 23-year-old mare but she was really slow but in their front yard they have a little hill and when I went down that she went a little faster at a trot and wow that was so confusing and the longest grammaritical (that's not a word) wrong sentence ever and I'm going to stop before my head starts spinning.) hehe. Anyways, so for Christmas I got some AMAZING stuff, but I got two candles. #ohmygoodness BAM. WHAT? I mnean, the holidays are always so much more festive with all those little candles burning, don't you think? So I have some pictures here of them ↓↓↓↓

Dese are mah candles

 I received this one from one of my teachers. It was wrapped in a beautiful cloth with a pretty ribbon and it smells like a berry bubble-gum. It's ADORABLE.

 This is my other one. My dad gave it to me on Christmas day. It supposed to smell like holiday cinnamon, but I think it smells like pine/cleaning liquid. lol/

<3 lovely

So these are my besties for the time being. The second one, I think the reason my dad gave it to me, is because once when my family went shopping, we went to Bath and Body Works and I was like , "Oh my word! I love these candles can I buy one?" And they were like $10 for one and they were like "NO." lol. I think the disappointment was too keen on my face :P 
Anyways, do you like candles? What's your favorite scent? 


  1. I don't have candles , but I <3 peppermint scented ones!


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