'Pitcher' Stories

03 December 2013

  Grace slid up in the saddle a little more. She twirled the leather in her hands and held it loosely with her one hand. The wind blew her hair around which was in long strands hanging down her back. This was her favorite feeling in the whole wide world. Sitting astride a horse, riding, and feeling the whole world come under your hand. It was what she longed for. It was what belonged to her. It was what was taken away from her when she had been uprooted from the country ground. It was what she needed.
 It was at least five years ago. The day had been regular, well, Grace's "regular" was a whole different regular. Her dad had passed away before she was born, and her mother's health was very frail. Her only sister and only sibling was older, and was busy with college, work, and friends. True, she did help out at home, but not as much as she spent going out with her friends and enjoying work. It caused much jealousy to Grace, who was left with most of the work. Twice a week, their neighbor sent a girl to help them, which was great benefit to the family.
 Grace had finished her early morning chores, and gone out to the fields with her horse. She was a Andalusian mare. She was sleek chestnut brown, with black stockings and mane and tail. It was Grace's favorite pastime. The day had proceeded on as usual. That night her mother, pale and frail as she was, had come hobbling over to her.
"Grace, hon, I don't know how to say this." Her mother looked ready to burst into tears. "We're selling out."
"What?" Grace leaped up and stared at her mom."Mom! I know it's hard, but we manage, don't' we?"
 Her mom gave a pathetic smile, "Sorry, darling. We've got to move to the city so I can find a good job."
Grace groaned as she fell back into bed and covered her face with a pillow. Her mother waited for several minutes before dejectedly going downstairs again.
 Nearly half a year later, the house went for public auction. The barn and property were sold apart from the house. Grace sobbed as she watched the buyers come and inspect everything. She ran to the woods, hoping to find a solace. It was not too long until her sister came and found her though. They had a long talk. Grace learned that her sister was not only out of school, she was getting a better  job and was planning to stay home more. Grace was delighted at this piece of news, but still sad. Weeks passed since they moved to the city. Days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months, months turned into years. Grace grew up to be a solidly built young woman. Her mother passed away four years after the move, but her sister and herself kept  doggedly on.

 Now, over a decade later, Grace was back again riding her mare across her home fields. Her relatives had actually purchased the house after it had been passed down from many families. Her sister had gotten married, so Grace moved in with her relatives. It was like when she was a child again. Born to be in the country. Born to be in the saddle.

  June 15
 The Destiny pulled off port that blustery day. The gray skies were gloomy and I felt lonely. It was unexplainable. I was sure that the weather ought to be nice for it was nearly the middle of summer. My mother and father were sending me off on a vacation to Australia to visit my Oma and Opa. It was fun calling them 'Dutchified' as Oma put it.
 As soon as I got aboard, I felt a little queasy. As the steward (whose name was Michelle) led me to my cabin, I told her about the queasiness. She laughed and said it was everyone felt as they boarded a ship. I felt a little better but was not wholly convinced.
 June 19
  I think I know the crew a little better. There's my steward, Michelle, and two other crew members who I see often. I mustered up the courage to query their names. Keturah and Nate (Nathaniel). I was amazed at how many female stewards and crew members there were. After I got adjusted to the rhythmic movements of the Destiny, I liked the ride.
 June 30
 I have not been keeping up at this very good. Everything written up there is old. I am now almost one of the crew, I have been so busy. Let me explain. I asked Michelle if I could help with the work since I sit of boredom every day. She got me a job and now I am a "assistant cook". I then got sick, so I was put to bed substantially. I am now well, and back in the job. 
 I'm not sure why, but storm clouds have been gathering up in the north. They seem to change direction sometimes, but are usually in a northwest manner. Are we going to run into a storm? I'm praying we don't. 

October 19
 My, all that is ancient now. I am back from the hospital, wait, I need to tell a lot more.  Well, back then, ahh..it's coming back....

 ...The winds toss the boat recklessly as I am wakened up rudely. Michelle...wait...it is Keturah comes rushing up to me and slips a life jacket on me.
"What? Where are we?" I rub my eyes sleepily.
Keturah has a serious look on her face, and as I hear all the commotion and fracas outside, I realize something must be wrong. I grab Keturah's sleeve and ask her, "What in the world is going on. Explain this instant!"
 Keturah has a woebegone look on her face. "The ship is sinking. The lifeboat supply is sinking. Hurry, perhaps you'll be able to catch one of the lifeboats."
I stared at her as the reality sunk in. "Will you be saved?" I asked as I hurriedly walked to the door.
  Keturah looked grim, "It doesn't matter, hurry yourself."
 I broke out to a run to the deck. The entire scene in horrible. Bodies are thrusting themselves to the lifeboats, yet only half of them make it to one. The splash of them hitting the water sounds horrible. I cover my ears and breathe a prayer. Then I take a deep breath. It's a fight for survival. I looked around. Yes, a piece of driftwood was breaking away from the ship. I lunged at it and broke it off. I took a deep breath, looked over the edge, and jumped. The water rushes over my head and for a second I think I'm dead. Then I regained my senses, and started fighting for the surface. As soon as my head popped up, I coughed and sputtered water out. I hung onto the piece of driftwood as I watched the ship sink. My stewards were still on the boat, and I knew they would die. My heart was wrenched. I had been so close to death.
 But then the situation I was in was life-threatening too. I let the piece of wood carry me around. It was probably an hour later when I saw lights in the faint distance.I eagerly started paddling towards the light with renewed zeal.

I'm not sure what happened after that. I must have reached shore, but I was unconscious. Some people took me to a hospital. Then I was taken home. I was the only survivor of of the Destiny.

  Adele opened the big black book slowly. The dust floated up from the pages slowly.
"Woah! This book must be old!" Adele said, gaping.
The librarian laughed, "Yeah, it was in our new shipment. It's pretty old all right! Who knows? You might find something pretty cool! Help yourself, I'll be right around the corner."
"OK, thanks!" Adele looked at the stack of books before her. It would be fun to check out some new books out for once. Adele had read nearly all the books in their small town library. She was looking through a new shipment the library had received lately. This book was ancient. She carefully wiped away the dust and looked at the date. There was none, but Adele wasn't surprised.
 All of a sudden, she felt sucked into something. A whirlwind seemed to pass around her. The library faded away and she presently found herself in a vacant, white road. She had a long white gown, and her hair was flying free and she stared down at the book. It must be magical. She thought. A white dog was running up to her. Well, there must be some civilization to have a dog. Adele decided. And her guess was right. At that instant, two girls came running up behind the dog, yelling, "Domino!" However, they halted to a stop as soon as they saw Adele.
"Hi! I'm Adele, what are your names?" Adele asked brightly.
"I'm Celestine," one of the girls said as she pointed to herself. Celestine was a bright, blue eyed girl. She was tall enough to be fifteen and Adele was glad she was about her own age. Her long short-cut wavy blonde hair flowed freely over her indigo colored shawl. She wore a long tunic embroidered with designs and fine stitchery with tight brown leggings underneath. She  wore a queer white bracelet around her finger. Adele wanted to ask more about this strange costume later.
"Oh, and I'm Henrietta" The other girl introduced herself. She wore the same outfit as Celestine, except her straight, beautiful, silky hair was pulled up into a loose bun. A few strands of loose hair drifted down beside her face. She looked a little older than Celestine, maybe about seventeen years old. Her almost-violet eyes were piercing and contrasted against her fair, flawless skin.
"That's nice. I'm glad I know you, I mysteriously found myself to be here, I'm not sure how though." Adele said thoughtfully.
Celestine and Henrietta gasped. "Did you come from the book?" They asked in unison.
Adele nodded innocently.
The girls grasped her arms tightly and marched off down the road with her.
"Where are you taking me?" Adele shrieked.
"To the King. Someone of old once said there would be one who would come out of a book to us. To free us." The last part was quieter, and Adele wondered what it could mean.
What was she doing in this unknown place?

Did you like them? I really feel like continuing the last one, but I'll wait and see if you like it first.. :)



  1. I loved them all! You should definitely continue the last one!

  2. I really like the second one, even though it's basically over, but you could add a lot more details. But yes, continue the last one!!

    1. I know, but I kinda meant for the last paragraph to be choppy and quick. You know what I mean? But I'm super happy you liked it :) Yes, I'm fairly sure I'll continue the last one!


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