City Girl

11 January 2014

Last Time....

Just then, the man burst through the door, gasping for breath. “Oh no! I need to call the sheriff.  You kids just may have stumbled onto something important.”
“What?” Jake asked eagerly.

 The man paused, and then said. “The state headquarters said this may lead to an important international conspiracy!” 

   I spread the cotton, flower printed cloth over the ground and flopped down on it. It felt good to rest after all the work me and Jake had been doing. It really felt like we were on a wild goose chase. After the motor vehicle man had stunned us with the news, we had gone to the police again.  Officer Timmins had given one glance at the paper and cried, "Jett Hartley and Hiro Augury! Oh no, no, no...." He slapped the palm of his hand on his forehead and groaned.  

 “Are they really bad?” Jake had asked. 

 “They already have kidnapped several children and this seems to be their first attempt to kidnap a teenager. I promise you, we will get this case closed even if we have to go to the end of the earth to!” He gave his desk a punch then returned to gaze at us. “I’m sorry. But you don’t have to worry anymore; we’ll take care of it.” 

 “OK, that sounds go-“Jake had started. 

“Sir. I will search for my friend. The police may help, but I will search for her.” I emphasized some of the words. 

 “OK. I guess that could work. But remember to always have someone with you.  If Jett and Hiro know about you, you could be in serious trouble.” 


“Well, if they know or Martha tells them about you, they’ll do anything to make you shut up. If you can give the police a lead on them, they’ll be furious.” 

 “I see. Well, I’m starving. Can I go grab some lunch then come back? I’m about beat.”
 Timmins laughed. “Sure. There’s actually a restaurant across town called Cae’s Cozy Café.  It’s really amazing. Go eat there, it’s on me.” 

 “Thank you so much!” I excitedly told him. 

 Me and Jake nearly ran out of there and bumped into someone. A young woman with jet black hair and narrowed eyes stood there. Her Asian heritage was clearly visible and she glared at them. She was dressed very casually with a tank top and capris. 

“Uh, sorry!” She scooted away quickly. - 

 We had apologized and went on our way, yet a question lingered in our minds. Was she spying on us? 

 But now I was waiting for Jake. I had went to the park and spread out a picnic blanket while he went to pick up the food. My mind analyzed what all had been happening the past few days. Then I bolted upright. The note! And Nick! I recalled the drunkard who had come staggering up to my doorstep earlier this week, and the note I had found on the ground after I saw Martha being kidnapped. I had totally forgotten about it! Well, I better remember to tell Officer Timmins about it when we went back, I thought. Just then I saw Jake running towards me. He wasn’t carrying anything, and I was a little disappointed. But he seemed to have something very important to say. He ran up to me and gasped. 

 “You-you know that Asian lady we saw?” 


 “I-I saw her at th-e restaurant. She was talking on her cellphone to someone named Duane!” 

 I skimmed my memory. Duane. The name seemed familiar. Then I remembered.  When the drunkard had come to my doorstep, he had said...

“Just call me Nick or Duane.”


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