A Cat + Yummy Treats + Stars + Spring

08 March 2014

 Hey everyone!


 So,  last week or something, I was looking out the window when this cat appeared. Well, not really like *poof*, but there was this cat on our front steps.See, we had just finished making these amazingly, yummy treats, and they had to be hardened, so I decided to set them outside. I opened the door, and BAM! Cat! So I ran and grabbed my camera and took pictures. Most of them got blurry, but oh well. And it was sooo funny, because this cat was standing in the middle of the road. I was like, "What if it gets run over?" But it ran away then sooo....

 And about those treats... they were like these biscuits/thin cookies that were dipped in this coffee concentrate??? (that's not a thing, is it? it was water and coffee powder mixed together and heated) And then stacked with this chocolate mixture in the middle of each and then finally coated over with chocolate. It was super delicious, so I took pictures of that as well since I had my camera out anyways since I was photographing the kitty-cat. (I said that on purpose :)

Anyways, enjoy my beautiful photographing skills :) *ahem ahem* NOT   XD

Yeah...about skills....

 Anyways, yesterday night, I was at my friends house till like 10:00  P.M. ... Anyways, she had gone to check on her brother who was outside checking to see if their pig had her babies yet.. (#farmrealities) She asked me if I wanted to come along and I'm like, "Oh, no way! Are you kidding me?" But it was getting pretty hot in their house, so I went to their front porch and stood there. and stood. and stood. and stood. JK.
But it was a clear night, and it was breathtaking. The moon was exactly a half-moon (is it called s crescent moon or what is it called? never was a astronomer. and i had to google search to find what a person who studies stars was called. ;) It was so beautiful. Like seriously, there are no words to describe the beauty of it all. I tried to take pictures, but my camera couldn't focus in the darkness. But it was awe-striking. It really motivated me to pray, and it was just so...awesome... And then my friend's older sister, who's also one of my good friends, came out with me later and showed me some of the constellations and the North Star. I could never really figure out constellations, so when she showed me, I was like "What??" It was amazing. I'll never forget that.

 So, if you've read my blog for a little bit now, you've probably seen some of my posts about snow. Today it peaked into the 50°'s (is that the correct way to type it?) And it was so warm! I think spring is one the way and I cannot wait!!!


Their calling for more snow this week.


I'll never ever forget this winter. *long long sigh*

 What are you doing lately?


  1. Those cookies look good! Do you have the recipe?

    1. Thanks! Yeah, I do, maybe I'll do a post about it :)


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