29 March 2014

This inspiration for the post title came from this picture. I got it off Pinterest, but I love it :) Anyways, I should post something relevant to the post title, anyways, for breakfast today, I got up before everyone else so I cooked myself some eggs and toasted some toast (hmmm)  :|  Anyways, as of March 27, 2014, <<<<< this girl >>>>>>> has gone on a no-sugar diet. And no, that doesn't mean I'm taking in any other sweetener, other than fruits and natural things, of course. I kind of was inspired to do this because I was thinking, "Hey, if you want to be healthy, you have to eat healthy..." [yeah, sometimes I have to tell myself the obvious :O ] Anyways, so I've gone a one-week fast from sugar, although I have bended the rule a little:
 1) I may have one granola bar a day. (chocolate chip, of course!) 
 2) Today I ate like four pieces of candy and three of those yogurt things with a topping on the top? I had the Oreo kind... bad girl...
 3) Later this week I'm going to this big restaurant; there I can eat anything. 

So, as you can see for the main part I'm trying to go sugar free, although with me, hmmmm....

any tips? have you ever tried anything like this? 

BTW, it was hilarious... the other day my friend was over and I had just started my 'diet' and I was walking around the kitchen holding smoothie mixes and Nutella to my face and I was like... "What can I eat? I am starving..." and she was like, "you gotta stop looking at those!" and i just realized that didn't sound funny at all, but at the moment it did... you know what I mean?

ttfn (ta ta for now, recognize that from Tigger?)


  1. Love that picture...
    Very cool post.
    I <3 Your blog
    ttfn ;)

  2. Love the picture. Love the post. Like your resolve. Not fond of restriction diets. The key is moderation and portion size. So when you are hungry in the afternoon have some toast with nutella and sliced banana. Ditch the smoothie mixes and find recipes to make fresh smoothies. Have the Oreo, but only the portion on the label (I try to limit myself to 4). Enjoy your yogurt, but top it yourself with more fresh fruit or granola you made yourself (very easy - lots of recipes online). Best wishes!

    1. wow :) those sound yummy :) definitely gonna try the first idea, and for smoothies, homemade is BEST <3


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