Day 4 of 30 DWC // mini bucket list

06 June 2014

4. 25 things to do before your next birthday

Hmm, this is almost kind of bucket list, so I'll pick some from there (aka I'm going to go surf my pinterest boards ;)

**warning: these are straight off of my Pinterest board, bucket list//#thatswhoiam**

                                                                                      picture via pinterest

  1.  see everyone I love come to Jesus
  2. drop everything and travel to some exotic country
  3. take cute fall pictures
  4. get ice cream from an ice cream truck
  5.  tie messages to balloons and let them go 
  6. swim in clear turquoise water
  7. find someone's lost pet 
  8. do something crazy for once
  9. stay awake for 24 hours  straight
  10. learn how to play the guitar 
  11. make a giant chocolate chip cookie 
  12. sleep on the beach
  13. learn a card trick
  14.  go to California (??)
  15. try to order at subway without saying, "Umm..."
  16. finish an entire eraser
  17. make caramel apples
  18. read the entire Bible
  19. swing from a chandelier 
  20. visit a nutelleria 
  21. shop in NYC
  22. stargaze on a roof
  23. get the messy perfect hair bun
  24. stand up for a kid getting bullied 
  25. lead someone to Christ

OK, woah. That was actually really really fun! I hoped you enjoyed getting to know a little bit more about me. I mean, seriously, some of those things (like swinging from a chandelier)  seem pretty impossible ;) But if I could, that would amazing! Yesterday I saw the movie "The Clique". It was actually pretty good, surprisingly. I haven't read the book series, but the movie definitely had a fast-paced style, which I loved. Have any of you ever read the book series? Or seen the movie? What's on your bucket list?

God bless


  1. That is an epic bucket list. We have so many "goals" in common. :]


  2. That's awesome! I love the swinging from the chandelier part LOL

    ~Lydia~ <3


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