Day 9 of 30 DWC // my stories

10 June 2014

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9. Your favorite thing to do right now
Well, now that it's summertime, it's probably hanging out with friends, being on the computer, making sweet treats, and gardening.
So anyways, today I want to post the link to all of my short stories. I used to have my stories on this blog, but then they weren't showing up for me, so I took them down, which may or may not have been a good idea. :) But anyways, I'll just post a the link on here today,and then please comment what your thoughts are. I'll take constructive criticism, but no mean comments. I'm not the best writer ever or anything, but I really enjoy writing,so I guess it's like a hobby. And now I'm just rambling so now I'm going to go get the link. :)


God bless


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