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Sunsets, Rain, + Other Things

Hello fellow bloggers :) Yeah, I keep trying to come up with like these high technical sounding greetings but somehow they just come out wrong so they sound really weird. *scratches head* tis quite a problem, I must say. Well, who cares, today I'm going to be kind of doing a rambling post since I seem to excel greatly at those.... yeah... about that... Anyways, sooo for starters, tomorrow I'm going to go with my friend (s) to help clean for this elderly couple and I usually don't go, but I heard that they were giving away some books, and me being the avid bookworm I am, jumped at the opportunity so I eagerly await to go and collect a few books tomorrow. OK, is it just me or am I starting to sound really proper with all this grammar? "eagerly await? *sigh* 

 So all the pictures in this post are mine and I was taking them on the way home from the mall one day 'cuz the view was breathtaking and I was like "I have to take a picture of this." So I ended up taking a lot of photos, with different filters. Anyways, this week it has been raining almost every single day, which has been super annoying yet refreshing to all this muggy, hot weather.

 Today I was at my friend's house and I was helping them make some soup and can it. It was actually really fun. We made this type of Russian soup from one of their cookbooks using cabbage. Cabbage borsch. We worked really hard and they weren't done yet when I left for home so I hope they got done soon after. I peeled like 50-75 potatoes probably and I was voted "Potato Princess" by my friends. lol XD and the "Potato Machine" yes, I know horrible names.. :)

Anyways, so I want to do a Q&A here on this blog, so fire away ion the comments! Ask anything you'd like as long as it's not too personal. i.e. how old are you? where do you live? I mean, I know you guys can use your common sense in that so ( ;) ) just ask!

 personally love this one :)

And lastly, a few weeks ago I was playing around on PicMonkey and I made these two book covers. Give me your thoughts on them, because I thought they turned out fairly well for my my first time making something like this. Thanks!

So which one do you like better? 1 or 2? So ask some questions in the comments if you want to and don't forget to say which book cover/poster you like better. Have a great day!
Thanks for reading and God bless <3


  1. Grab some great books! :)
    I'm going to my friend's house today to see her new kitten Trixie. :)
    I'll comment some questions later, I just woke up and can't think. :P (I can barely type this lol)
    I love your pictures and the book covers!! I like #1 the best

    1. Aww, that's so awesome :) XD Thanks, yeah, I liked that one too :)

  2. Anonymous7/17/2014

    Breathtaking pictures indeed! Someitmes we just need to take time and admire the little things in life.
    Haha don't worry about sounding over proper, I do it from time to time too. :) I like cover two better, that is sooo cool. I "eagerly" await your next post!

    1. Thank you :) So true.
      thanks for your input!
      haha XD

  3. Anonymous7/17/2014

    I like 1 better, personally.

    1. yeah, I really liked that one too ;)

  4. I love all your pics! They are awesome!

  5. I love your blog! And I would love to help you spice it up! I make graphics, view my graphics blog?

    1. Thank you! I'll definitely check it out :)

  6. I just found your blog. I adore it. Followed instantly!


  7. I really like #1! It is amazing! Did you write a book called "Lost?" It sounds interesting!

    1. Thank you! Well, I started on one, but never finished ;( Thanks, though!

  8. Aha! Just the right time to award you with the Sunshine Blogger Award! Heh~ :]




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