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17 September 2014

So, peoples, how are you doing? Good? That's good. Okay, so you know how there are four seasons? Ummm.... OK, OK, of course you know, but you know they call fall "autumn" and how my blogger name is "autumn"? 

 I know, it's crazy. Actually, it's not crazy, it's pretty amazing, Because, personally, I adore the season, because of all the reasons there are to love it. Minus Halloween. But, to be honest, I gotta say that it's probably not actually my favorite season out of the four, mainly because summer's just amazing. But, today, I shall not talk about summer, rather, autumn. Well, that was kind of supposed to be the point of post, but we'll just see where that goes. ;)

 There are multiple reasons that fall/autumn is great, but this year I've really been loving scarves. I've always been a little shy to wear them out that much (people-conscious.... *sigh*) but hopefully Lord willing this year I want to wear them a lot more. They're just so pretty and add a pop of awesomeness to your outfit :)

Well-well-well-now-i-am-thinking-of-what-to-write-next..... Hmmm, recently I found this really inspiring song by Moriah Peters.... Please listen to it, it'll definitely be worth your time.

And here are a few more autumnish pictures for your enjoyment. Or something like that. :D

 this = me

 beautiful <3

 I am literally mindblown.....

 true..... except football games, I don't really go to those.... and halloween...

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.”
― Albert Camus
Thanks for reading and God bless
<3 Autumn  


  1. Autumn is so amazing isn't it? I love the season! That song is amazing! I now have a new favorite song. :)

    1. It's beautiful :) I know, right! The first time I listened to it I was like" OK, well, now I'll break the replay button." hehe :)

  2. I * L O V E * A U T U M N !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is just so amazing and beautiful...and it is also my birthday month. :)

    1. M E T O O !!! Aww, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

  3. This is such a beautiful post. Haha, like you, autumn isn't my favourite season, but no doubt its stunning!
    You have a gorgeous blog<3 Followed you! I'm looking forward to your future posts.
    The Journeys' of my beating heart

    1. Thanks sooo much :) True! I'm truly honestly flattered. Thank you soooooo much! (I already said that like twice :)

  4. Oh I love Autumn! My birthday is also in autumn! And I...I just love it!!!!! Great post BTW :)

    1. Same! Oh, really? That's so awesome! Happy birthday girl :) Thanks :D


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