DIY :::: Fall Leaf Candle Lantern

05 November 2014

 Hello everybody :) How are you all doing? Amazing? Soo glad to hear that.  So, today, I was inspired to do a DIY for three reasons. A) I love doing DIY's  B) I've only done one other DIY on this blog and it was pretty pathetic. *gulps* the link's here if you want, but umm... *nervous breathing* My other DIY C) It's fall time, and I was browsing Pinterest and other blogs today and found this DIY that was super fall-y and I wanted to do it. However, this DIY was not out of my orginality so this idea is NOT mine. If you want to see the real post click here :) Anyways, so today I really wanted to show you guys this surprisingly easy project that you can make by yourself or with friends, it's totally up to you :) On a different note though, can you believe it's actually November? het is krankzinnig . (Don't look at me like that. Go to Google translate if you want.:) Seriously, like in two months it'll be 2015. 2. 0. 1. 5. Doesn't it almost sound sort of sci-fi? Well, I guess time waits for no man. Which reminds me, I need to hurry up with this post 'cuz I need to leave for my friend's choir's singing thingy soon.... (psst, guys, they have refreshments there! Like cookies See why I wanna go? ;)

 What you'll need :

Mod Podge
Mason Jar
Dried leaves

 So, basically, how to dry leaves is really easy. Just take any big old book and put your leaves in there and it will leave it flattened and dried after a few days.

 Obviously I put mine in a cookbook ;)

 This is what you'll get afterwards :)

 Step 1 : OK, first off, we're going to take the Mod Podge and paint it all over the jar. Do not let this dry.

Step 2: Take your leaves that you're going to be using and break the stems off unless you want them on. 

 Step 3 : Put your leaves on the glue-y surface of the jar and press them firmly on. If they don't stick on nicely, you can always use rubber bands like I did. I definitely needed them :)

 Step 4 : Then add a finishing layer of Mod Podge on top of these leaves.

 Like so. Now you can set it somewhere overnight or however long it takes for it to dry.

Also, if you have extra leaves, you can always use them as decorations ;)

After they're done drying, remove the rubber bands and light your candle inside the jar. 

V  O  I  L  A ♥

Will you be making this? What's your favorite thing about fall?
Thanks for reading and God bless <3


  1. That is really neat! I love the last two pictures. :)

  2. Hey Autumn! You are one of my nominees of the One Lovely Blog Award. Please, check it out:
    - June

  3. Autumn this is a great idea!!!!! Very creative:)

    See me at Curious Ramblings


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