Re-cap: Past Week

15 February 2015

Hey :) So this evening I wasn't really doing much, so I decided to sit down and type up a overview type of post.  Just kind of over this past week - what I did and stuff like that.  Probably not the most interesting post, but, yeah well. 

- Monday -

so monday wasn't super eventful or anything. i mainly was wondering why i hadn't gone to bed earlier on sunday night and trying not to fall asleep during math.  also one of my friends who moved a couple hours away was back in town, so i kind of high-tailed it over there to see her. it was so awesome ♥

- Tuesday -

so my friend was still in town that morning, so i got up pretty early to say goodbye to her. therefore another day of me being extremely tired.  but i'd say it was pretty worth it, and my friend complimented me on my outfit, so that was pretty nice :)

- Wednesday -

wednesday i was in high spirits because i was going sledding with some of my friends.  basically the only good thing about snow and snowy weather is the fact that you can do winter sports.  or in my case, wish you could do winter sports.  but in any case, i went sledding, and boy was it a blast.  a few of the girls had brought their own sleds, and we drove to someone's place, and then drove their suzuki through the trails in their woods (they live on a mountain) till we reached this amazing slope.  so we started sledding, and i'm not even kidding, the first time i went down, my sled crashed into a tree, so i was hurled onto the snow. not fun. but i also did some more sledding, one epic ride being on a circular sled, in which i nearly flew down the slope.  but overall, the experience was fun, considering the fact the sledding was topped off with a snack of cookies, hot chocolate (with too many marshmallows), fruit, and party mix.

- Thursday -

Well, I kind of went back to same old on this day.  Nothing really exciting, but nothing too average either.  I was too busy learning about wind patterns and such for science.

- Friday -

And ah. The last day of the week.  friday.  even the word makes me shiver in delight. anyways, i didn't do a whole lot on that day.  however, i did start making plans with one of my friends to go snowboarding or tubing next week. which is pretty awesome, let me just say. i'd definitely be a beginner there, but hey, everyone starts somewhere, not?  ah yes, and i also showed one of my little friends a paragraph i had written about him. once for a school assignment, i had been told to write a paragraph about someone we knew quite well. well, there is this little boy that i know, about seven years old, and boy is he talkative. like literally, he used to run around telling people who were leaving their place to "make sure you don't crash!" but he's just a little fella so we're all praying he'll soon grow out of it :) so i wrote a paragraph about him, and well, i finally showed it to him. it was funny ^_^

-  Saturday -

well, it was saturday.  that should pretty much sum everything up.  i slept in late, which felt really good after a tiring week.  and then the rest of the day i didn't do a whole lot, just lounging around and being, well, lazy. oh yes, and i bought cookie mix ;)

- Sunday -

well, seeing that today is sunday, one of the things i did was write this post.  i also baked some cookies today, peanut butter blossoms to be exact. and as usual, over half the batch turned out with black bottoms. burnt. *cries* though, a comforting thought is that a few of them turned out alright, and the rest i just shaved off the bottom of the cookie.  and they tasted just fine. i also went to a small park just up the road from us, and attempted to sled, but the wind was quite overbearing so i retreated back to the comfort of hot chocolate and peanut butter blossoms in a warm house -_- OH, yes, and how could i forget. i hit 100 followers friends today. my first reaction this morning when i logged on was screaming, jumping, and repeat. thank you all so so so much. you all mean so much to me ♥ i would've done a post just for this, but my two year *insert squeal* blog anniversary is coming up really soon; so i'll talk about that in that post :)


another thing that really stuck out to me this week was a Bible passage from Isaiah. i've been digging more into Scripture recently, and Isaiah has some pretty amazing promises from God. for instance, Isaiah 41:10 is just really comforting - "So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand." NIV   


so how was your week? good, i hope. are you a winter person or a summer person? i'm definitely a summer girl the whole way, although, winter isn't completely terrible either. but arushee's amazing photos of her trip to hawaii  are really making me wish for some summer weather now :) 

be happy + laugh often



  1. Congrats on 100, girlie! :)
    This week recap thing is quite a fantastic idea. :)
    Whelp, my week was kinda meh. I had to register for high school classes - which was super stressful - and my grandma got sick. Also my parents (I kid you not) forgot me on Valentine's Day. But that's ok 'cause they made up for it with two boxes of cookies and one of chocolate later in the day, so ya know. I'm not complaining ;)

    - Ellie

    1. thank YOU :)
      ah, doesn't sound too boring. i hope your grandma feels better soon :)'d they do that?? XD haha, yeah, that doesn't sound too awful after all :D

  2. My week has been all right. I've been missing my friends (almost all of them live outside of the city, which is fine. I love the suburbs they live in anyways; it's so quiet and peaceful), watching movies, and studying. I really want summer to come!

    xoxo Morning

    1. aww....suburbs are some of the best areas to live, I'll say. YESS.. when will summer ever arrive??

  3. Winter all the way! I love Isaiah 41:10.

    Sometimes the weeks that lean to the quiet side are the best weeks :)

    1. hehe, well, good for you :) Yes, it's one amazing verse.
      yeah, I agree with that.

  4. Congrats on 100 followers!
    My week was long and busy with tests and such, so I was happy for the weekend. I also made a cake today with my sister and it was pretty good:)
    One time my friend and I tried to decide which was better, summer or winter. I like summer much more!

    1. thank you!!
      yeah, I can imagine. We finished some of our tests, and they were tiring. YUM :)
      same :)

  5. It was fun reading about your week, Autumn :). Wednesday sounds like it was a fun day especially :)). As I live in northern part of Australia, I've never seen snow. . . :P. We are right now in the last month of Summer and so I am enjoying what's left of that. But winter is really nice too. Mostly, my days are busy with PACE work (Geometry, History, Physical Science. . . and music etc.) All good stuff though.

    I love the book of Isaiah so much in the Bible! So much encouragement and comfort to be found within. Thank you for sharing that verse in particular.

    By the by, I just love your blog so much, Autumn. You have the most gorgeous blog-design too. Congrats on soon to be 2 years of blogging! Blogging is an amazing experience, isn't it? :)

    God bless!
    Joy @

    1. Never?? really need to come over here sometime and get a load of it :) Well, enjoy it to the fullest! Yeah, not too bad I guess.
      You're welcome. I've found it to be very encouraging indeed.
      Aww...that just made my day soo much. Thank you <3 Blogging is a great experience...

  6. Congrats on 100! This week has been pretty boring. We've just been trudging through the week trying to reach Friday which starts our week long break! But then we had no school Friday so yay!!

    a little bit of sunshine

    1. Thank you soo much <3 Haha, that must've been really nice :)

  7. Last week was definetely a wonderful week for me. Friday night my best friend spent the makes me so happy just thinking about it <3
    I really wish I could spend more time with her's really hard going to a secular high school sometimes.
    I really love this verse from Isaiah, and I'm beyond grateful that we can cast our fears on Christ.
    I'm a big summer girl, however, most of my closest friends are busy for half of the summer. It can end up being really boring and I feel really unproductive. This summer though I think my best friend is actually staying in town, and I really hope my youth group will go on a little missions trip!
    And I totally just digressed there, I apologize!
    Your blog is such an encouragement, and I absolutely love your blog! You definitely deserve 100 followers!

    1. That must've been so awesome :)
      Yeah, I can imagine....
      It's truly such a comfort knowing we can do that. haha, I relate completely to that! summer is pretty fun though.... Hopefully you get to go on a trip. no apology needed :)
      thank you so much, Lauren ♥

  8. 100 followers is a huge accomplishment! Congrats!

    It sounds like a pleasant week for the most part.

    I couldn't pick a favorite season, because I love change. It would be hard for me to live in a place where one season dominates the climate. Change is good : )

    1. thank you.
      It was....
      Yeah, I agree with that too. Change is good..... :)

  9. Congratulations on 100 followers! That is so awesome. :-D

    Ahh, Isaiah 41:10 is one of my favorite verses.


  10. Congratulations! It's a massive number. What are you doing for your anniversary and 100 followers? You'd better have something big planned:)

    1. thank you :) haha...quite honestly, I have no idea. Suggestions? :)

  11. I'm so happy you got 100 followers!! My week was pretty normal. I went ice skating with my cousins and brother on Saturday and hurt my wrist though. :(

    1. Me tooooo! Ouch...i hope you feel better soon.

  12. Hey, I nominated you for the You Are Amazing and So Is Your Blog Award :)


  13. That's great that you got to see your friend! :) It's always nice to see a friend who lives out of town.

  14. I nominated you for the best blogging buddies award!


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