Summer Bucket List Recap

13 September 2015

heyyyy ^_^
the realization that i had forgotten about this came upon me like 5.3 minutes ago and i was just like, what.
so a couple months back, like in march i think, (okay more than a couple but you get the idea) i did a post on a bunch of things that i collected from pinterest that i thought would be super fun to do this summer, and well, made a list of things i wanted to do this summer.  and let's just see how that went.

this might be embarrassing.  i don't know.  i kinda forgot about my bucket list, like a LOT.

i wanted to like video everything or like take pictures of everything i did, though i didn't get a picture for everything, i got a few.  so those will be on here too.  kay well let's get on with this.

ugh fall is here basically, which is a good and bad thing. i don't know.  you know what, i should do a post on that. 

Personally I think this would really fun, because I'm huge converse fan and I've never had a pair of white converse. White shoes tend to show dirt a lot more, but they also go with pretty much any outfit, so there are pros and cons I guess.  (xD Did you notice that? Pros and ConsConverse ;P)

Okay dokey let's start right off the bat.  That's a figure of speech or something, right? i don't know.  anyways, um...well.  i didn't get any white converse, so no, i guess literally i didn't BUT....I did get a pair of gray converse, and they're literally all i wear anymore.  haha, not quite, but yeah.  so i sort of-ish did this one.

YES. YES. YES.  How was this not on my bucket list before?  I think I did this a long time ago, like five years ago, so I don't remember much, just screaming and excitement.  But I definitely want to try this out this summer, and document the whole thing.  Now that would be fun.
*nervous laugh* haha, such a simple thing right how could i not do this one.  um.  yeah.  i forgot.  whoops.

So these two kind of go together, but not really.  I've never slept a full night out under the stars, and I think that would be awesome.  I mean, wouldn't that just be epic?  And a meteor shower would be pretty amazing too, I think.  The sky is beautiful, and to watch a meteor shower would just be mind blowing.
UGHHHH I wanted to do this SOOO bad.  Like you seriously have no idea.  And I almost almost got the chance to do it.  I mean, I did get the chance but I wasn't able to.  That was kind of bittersweet, but yeah.  Posts like this one are particularly helpful in those times ^_^  But yeah.  I was out at night this summer, and honestly, looking up at the starry sky is one of the most beautiful things in life.  It's so quiet, and peaceful, and honestly, I feel at rest.  My Creator made all those shining dots, and He's beside me too, watching with me.  ♥ ♥

Basically I would be ready to have an unforgettable adventure any time of the year, but summertime is probably the best time of the year, since the sun's apt to be out and the weather would most likely be warm.  I CAN'T WAIT.
"i can't wait." yayyy. ^-^
i can't think of a lot of super exciting things right now, though i know there were soo many.  whatever, here's one that happened wayyy back in like June.  actually i think i emailed one of my friends about that day....maybe if i can go find that email i can just copy paste.  let me go check.
haha, okay, so i LITERALLY copy/pasted this...straight from emailing my friend.  i just swapped out everyone's names for Human and then a number, and changed my real name to my online name: autumn ^_^  so this might be kinda funny. I did delete some parts though, you know, just cuz. 

Humm....where should I start? Okay, let's see...THE CHERRY PICKING ADVENTURES.  *plays background music* da-dun-da-da-da-da-duhhhhh okay, so it was like 3 or four weeks ago i think... and, it was a pretty dreary day (Did you notice how many rainy days we're getting this summer??? UGHHH....I'm still waiting for that 100 degree heat wave to hit)  and I think I was complaining that morning to Human how it was such a boring day... Well, after dinner (the midday meal...what do you call it?) Human 2 ( their dad) recruited some of us to go along to Human 3 & Human 4's to pick cherries, since they had some wild trees growing that were overflowing with an abundance of cherries.  Well, it was basically Human 6,Human 7, Human 1, The human who's writing this, and Human 8 who went along.  (OH, and did you hear? of course she didn't autumn...think before you type. Human 8 broke her arm two weeks ago, because she was swinging on the swings and Human 9 was pushing her, and she was going so high he had to pull her legs a little to push her higher...and since Human 8 wasn't hanging on right, when he pulled, she fell off and broke her arm...yeah...) Okay, back to point, we went cherry picking.  Yes..okay, so, we went there and took two ladders along, of course.
So we got there, and there was a big Case tractor there (I have been learning so much about tractors this summer...apparently Case is the best type out there. uh-huh..yes...this is very important, Human I'm emailing, don't laugh.) from the tractor shop across the street... ------ I think was the name.  It was a massive tractor and it had the scoop on know..the snow plow thingy?  Well, some of us were going to have to get on that and get lifted high so we could pick the cherries.  The trees were mighty tall, so this was gonna be scary. 😏  Well, for the first round, it was me, Human 7, and Human 1. We were lifted high, and we started picking.  I always thought I had a fear of heights, but apparently not...because I was the enthusiast of the whole group basically.  I was the one who's like, "What do you mean this is scary??? pffft....this is a breeze people." So we picked a while, and conversation was strained....partly because I'm pretty sure we were too scared to talk (I mean, I wasn't....but *cough* autumn, pride goeth before a fall and a haughty spirit before destruction* Right...okay well...maybe I was a tad scared) Then halfway through, Human 7 decided to jump down from the scoop.  Human 1 tried to convince him not to, and while I didn't verbally say anything, I was pretty sure it was a foolhardy thing to do.  Well, he did, and amazingly, did not break anything.  So that was that....I think he got too scared.  tee hee. ^_^
So then me and Human 1 got lowered and lifted, till it was like a boring routine.  I loved every second of it though :) Oh, and then Human 8 joined the scene, and boy was that epic.  She literally screamed the whole way up and couldn't even pick.  Her whole body was literally trembling from head to was kinda funny though 😝 and so yeah...Human 7 was laughing at her :) So then after a while....(it was fun though, me and Human 1 were birds and everything...i was a goldfinch :) fits me really well, don't ya think?) Human 7 decided he wanted to get back on and told everybody to get off (I think he was diplomatically directing at me) and so "everybody" got off.  Then after a bit, their dad told me to get back on, and I was like, "Uh-uh okay..." Because I'm pretty sure I'm the one who scared Human 7 away the first time.   BACK TO THE STORY....okay so, I got on and the lineup was Human 7 was on the left, Human 1  in the middle, and me on the right.  So we went up again and started picking, and soon, this strange rocking sensation occurs aka Human 7 starts rocking the scoop in an attempt to scare us I think :)  Human 1 started shrieking and was like, "HUMAN 7 QUIT IT!" and I'm just standing there all cool and laughing...kind of. not really.  Then Human 1 was like, "Autumn, you sure you don't want to trade spots with me?" and I'm like, "I'm positive I don't."  So after a few minutes, Human 8 came back on the scoop so it was the four of us, and guess what? Human 7 starts shaking the scoop again....and this time Human 8 was on.  Phew...that was crazy.  Human 8 started screaming at him.... I'm laughing even as I write this.  It was funny ☺ Anyways, so after all the adventures were done and I was mad that no one had thought to bring a camera to capture this monumental occasion on film, we packed up all the cherries and headed home... ahh...the life. yeah.  there ya go.  that was sort of an adventure for me ^_^ 

So, I guess you could say I've always been a pretty big garden person.  Or a picky garden person.  I love having gardens and growing things, but my gardens usually aren't overflowing with flowers.  Most likely weeds and spinach.
But since gardening is a summer thing, I can't wait to do that this summer.  And hopefully this year I'll be able to keep it weed free.  Yeah, maybe.  Last fall/end of summer I did a kind of catch up on my life type of post where I posted a few pictures of my garden... Remember? (link here)

yeah okay, this one i can check, because i DID have a garden, but it was mainly a patch of sunflowers and weeds.  so it wasn't picture perfect, but whatevs. 

Oh yeah, this would be great.  I think I did this a long time ago, at a VBS or something, but tie-dying shirts is definitely something I would love to do.  It's just so summery.

Nah, i didn't get to do this one either.  guess i just forgot or something. 

There's this show called Cake Boss that follows the lives of the people that work at this bakery, and they make all sorts of crazy cakes.  From sharks to cars, they make literally everything into cakes.  Which is pretty amazing.  I think it would be pretty fun to try my hand at it sometime, just to see if I'm any good at cake decorating.  And if I'm not, hey, it'll taste all the same once I eat it =)

This kinda makes me wanna laugh, because back then i sort of liked baking, but it was just kind of like a thing.  i guess you could say i'm sort of obsessed with healthy baking now, so yeah.  you guys would know ^_^   well, i tried frosting cupcakes and stuff, and it didn't go crazy good or anything, but the final result tasted amazing, so for me, that's good enough.

It's just a summer thing, you know? It's fun.

Yup.  Been there done that.

Last summer I had a lot of good times, and though I did get to snap some of those moments with my camera, I want to make a summer scrapbook type of thing this year.  And have little captions with what's going on beside the pictures.... Just for memory's sake.  It'd be really fun to look back through later and remember everything if you ask me.'

So I'm pretty sure out of all this list, this is the one that I pursued most actively.  I took my camera literally everywhere i went, and to be honest, I got some pretty awesome pictures on film.  Now I just need to get the initiative to order them online and scrapbook them.  So I'd say I did this one pretty good :)

I've started on this attempt many times, but I've always stopped sometime around Exodus and Romans.  So I'm really hoping to just buckle down and finish it at least once this summer.  That would be amazing ♥

Well, maybe next year.  =) Don't get me wrong, I read the Bible like crazy this summer, I just didn't like read the entire thing.  I really buckled down on Psalms and just like scoured that book, and it's awesome.  I started 1 Samuel just a little while back, cuz I was always a little hesitant of the OT books, like, "what if i don't get them." but whatever, it's actually pretty good.  i mean very good :)

Wouldn't this be so fun? Last summer I was at my friend's place and we found a balloon that had floated onto their property and had this note to visit this Facebook page to find more information about something and bla bla..... Whatever.  But you know, to write something inspirational and let it go would be pretty awesome....

This is one I can safely say I forgot all about.

Oh yes. This would be amazing.  I've done this before - been caught in a flash storm and it's honestly one of the best feelings in the world let me tell you.  And I'm talking about June - August storms here.... I'm hoping I get the chance to experience this this summer, and I really can't wait for that sensation again. ♥  Oh yeah, and I did a post on flash storms like a looong time ago, so if you'd want to check that out, it'd be great, you know =P (link here)

YES SIREE.  did this one a couple times in fact, and the sensation is something so inexplicably gorgeous and beautiful and full.  you have to experience it to know it. 

So there you go, guys.  My summer bucket list wrap up.  I had 12 things on this list, and I accomplished 7.  Basically half of the list. Not too bad, all things considered. 

But that was fun.  Like super fun :) Maybe I'll do something like that for fall.  I should.

anywayss....i have to go to school again tomorrow....ughhhh....


so how was your summer? what fun "adventures" did you have? =) 

thanks for reading and keep smiling ♥

P.S. I tried making a video on YouTube.  funny, i know, but maybe, check it out? haha, it would mean the world to me :)


  1. Nice! At least you actually put together a bucket list! My summer pretty much consisted of surfing the internet, sleeping, being lazy, oh and I did Bible Bee! That was awesome as always (we do it every summer.) So sad that summer and the warm weather are coming to an end *tries not to cry*.

    1. haha, yeah, i know right :) yeah, that pretty much summed mine up too. that sounds so interesting! i bet it's a ton of fun =) *wails* i'm so mad that summer's coming to an end, but yeah well. #life.

  2. I had a okay summer. Dancing in the rain is like the worlds best feeling ever!!!!!

  3. Hahaha, your bucket list sounds exactly like mine. I always make a picture-perfect summer bucket list, and I get SO excited for it, and then- bam. I forget EVERYTHING. It sounds like you had a fun summer though, so that's good! School = evil, I swear to you...

    1. haha, yeah.... same here. i'm just out there and completely forget about it. yeah, i did :) haha..I AM SO WITH YOU.

  4. Haha, you're not the only one who forgot about her summer bucket list. xD
    Glad you had a great summer though!! Even if you didn't finish everything on your bucket list, sounds like it went well for you. ^_^

    1. phew...i was scared there for a second ^_^
      yeah, it went good. there's always hope for a next year!

  5. At least you completed more than half of your bucket list goals! I tried to dance out in the rain, too, but I got extremely sick and had to stay in bed for several days. :/ Your DIY video is so cute, by the way!

    xoxo Morning

    1. yeah, i guess looking on the bright side always helps ^-^ aww...sorry...hope you got better soon!
      thank you so so much!!!!

  6. Yay, at least you did half of the list! And the video was so cute, I loved it <3

    a little bit of sunshine

  7. Maybe you could try again next summer? Hope it's more successful then, if you decide to do it again! I did watch your notebook video and I loved it! :)

    Allie D.

  8. Ayyyy! I didn't set any summer goals, but I do have a bucket list which I completely forgot about until I read your post hehe. I really really really really want to do the 1) star-gazing one and the 2) tying a message to a balloon and letting it go. This is a cute post <3<3<3


    1. Yeah, I don't have a official bucket list, unless you count my Pinterest board (we're talking hundreds of pins here), so, haha, yeah.... that's why i love setting smaller bucket lists that will help me get somewhere at least ^_^ You totally should!

  9. hahahahahahaha, seriously did this same thing recently and I barely accomplished any of the points on my bucket list. like at all. OH loved your youtube video!!!!!!! especially your notebook ideas. goals. ;)

    1. xD Lol...that's hilarious :) that's kinda how i am too #twinning

  10. Either way, all summers are adventures in a way because something fun always happens. Bucket lists just make them a little more interesting ;)

    The Life of Little Me

  11. You made a memories album? SO COOL! I need a post on this one. *nods*

    Chloe | It's A Chloe Thing

    1. haha, yeah, you totally ought to :)

  12. It makes me feel better that I'm not the only one who forgot about some summer goals, haha. I could never read the entire Bible in a span of 2-4 months. I'm a consistent Bible reader, but I tend to go for smaller chunks that I can really understand.

    Cool post!

    1. i know, same here. i really don't know what i was thinking...i mean i love the Bible, but in a couple months i could never totally understand and read the whole thing :)


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    1. thanks :)
      haha, thanks, but i do my own designing. that's awesome that you're starting to design though!

  14. Firstly, that gif is amazing.
    I'm more of a combat boots person myself, but I owned a pair of black converse a couple of years ago and loved them to death. I'm thinking of asking for some knee-high ones come Christmas. Idk what I'd wear them with, though. xD
    My friend and I put mentos in diet coke for a school project several years ago. All I remember is getting coke fizz all over me and my hair. But it was super fun :).
    *freaks out* CUPCAKES.

    1. Firstly, you are pretty great.
      haha, yeah, i love me some combats too. honestly though, i have way more combats than cons anyways, but i love them both dearly ^_^ hmm, i don't know? skinnies or leggings?
      haha, yeah, that sounds like it!


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