Interview With Jordan Sky | Fox in the Woodlands

17 October 2015

Q.  Hey Jordy! It's so awesome to be able to interview you.  To start off, how would you describe your blog and/or yourself?
 I would say that my blog could be described as a place which is intended to hold memories, both in the form of writing and photography. I don’t know if I could describe myself.

Q.  Does life fascinate you? 
Oh, yes, indeed. What a wonderful question this is, too.

Q.   How would you cure world hunger? 
Well, I’m not sure if I necessarily know the answer to that question,   but I think one aspect that might do good for the world would be to have prisoners be forced to work on farms. I’m sure there are other things that would help, but I am brain dead currently (literally, just got home from a vacation a few hours ago).

Q.   How do you get an elephant into a refrigerator? 
This sounds kind of bad, but my first thought was that- if the elephant is um, not living- you could cut it up into a bunch of pieces.

 Q.  What do you think are the three greatest gifts in life?
 Religious, Political, and Economic freedom, if we’re being technical. If its supposed to be a simple question then: Friends, Arizona Tea, and Adventures.

 Q.   Are you more for traveling or staying at home? 
It’s about a 70% for traveling and 30% for staying home. Being homeschooled I spend (obviously) a lot of time at the house, which- I am not particularly fond of. However, it is so nice to lay in your own bed after being on the road for days on end.

 Q.  If you could pick any spot in the world to go visit, where would you go? 
Oh, I’d love to visit Germany or Scotland.

 Q.  What is one of your goals in life? 
Write a book, have my book make it to the New York Times: Best Seller List, Graduate, Attend a college in a places that I love, become fluent in German, find an occupation doing something I love, etc. (The list could go on forever)

 Q.   Favorite genre of books? 
Contemporary Fiction. (Although, I enjoy just fantasy- and just about anything else -if it has to do with werewolves or is written in a poetic style)

 Q. What's something that encourages you whenever you're feeling a little down? 
The simple fact that there’s a God up above that loves me helps unimaginably.
Thank you so much for interviewing me Autumn! (Guys, she’s seriously so sweet and I can’t imagine a blogging world without her)


thank you so much jordy for letting me interview you :) it was seriously so much fun, and guys, you have to check her blog out if you haven't already.  i mean, you have to.  Fox in the Woodlands is definitely one of my favorite blogs.  Jordy is a natural poet, let me tell you.  And her photography is stunningly gorgeous.  Scotland is definitely one of the places i want to visit eventually too.  It's a beautiful land. 

Anyways, I hope you guys liked this post and be sure to head on over to Fox in the Woodlands to check out Jordan's blog! 


  1. Great interview! :)

    Allie D.

  2. This was a lovely interview! x

  3. LOVE YOU TWO <3

    also hahaha, this interview is bomb. xxx

  4. these questions were awesome, and her answers were da bomb <3

  5. Fun questions! I have NO idea what I'd do about the elephant, haha.


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