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08 November 2015


i don't know, like when i typed that title in, that's just the feeling i felt about this post.


so yay.  yeah.  it's officially november, and it's fall.  which is actually pretty great.  i love fall, and november especially, because it's so close to the holidays, the air is turning cooler but not overwhelmingly frozen *cough* (okay, sometimes), and it's so beautiful.  also the nice thing about november is that she decides to spring a few warm days on you that feel like the end of summer.  =) so it's pretty wonderful.

but it's still not the same as summer, ya know? 2016 will be here in two months.   wow.  time is whizzing past.  i've been alive for a while.  wow.  you know, i was born at a very young age, guys.

^_^ yeah.

there was this one time last summer when me and my friend who came over as a surprise decided to bake zucchini bread.  okay, #1 baking is awesome.  #2 baking with a friend is double awesome.  #3 baking in a beautiful kitchen with open windows and people walking in and out and wondering what you're doing is triple awesome and #4 baking and tripling and quadrupling the batch till you're using like 21 cups of flour since there is that much zucchini needing to be used up is total awesome.

i  could keep going.


and then after baking, doing photoshoots of yourselves and of beautiful things in nature? yes please.

okay, and picking tomatoes? yeah. wow. let's not get started.  #goodtimes

can i say how proud i felt after being able to take that pic? like a close up of a real wild animal? wooot.

i sort of feel like that picture very much accurately describes summer ^^^^^.  so beautiful, crazy, lovely, amazing, blessed, and i don't know, cool.  

especially in water battles.  yeah, that's pretty cool. 

also, let's just stop and consider for a second how amazing summer is since it has all these healthy and yummy fruits and stuff that's good for you.  mmmm.

                                                 brownies are good all year round actually.  ♥

okay, anyways, so yeah.  i don't really know what this post was supposed to be like? i had these pictures on my computer for a long time and i really wanted to get them posted because i really liked them, but yeah :) so how are you doing? i feel like i haven't done a post that was very interactive recently.  hmm.

yeah i don't know.  as for me, i'm doing pretty good, i'd say.  school has sort of just settled into a routine, which does not make it any less busy or stressful, but it's more just like, "this is life, i got this." and yeah.  this upcoming week a whole bunch of people are coming over to one of my friend's that should be fun.  meeting new people is always fun, righttt???? hm.

i'm also thinking i should make something with white chocolate right now since i bought like a baking bar of it the other day.  i honestly love the taste of white chocolate, like a lot, but (okay first off though, it's like so unhealthy though.  like honestly, it's not even a cocoa at candy :) it's so FRUSTRATING to melt.  Seriously, why do those chips never melt for me? they are like...ugh.  the worst.  so i bought a baking bar to see if that would melt better than the chips.  i should go experiment.  thing is, i should probably also study.

or i could go on pinterest ^_^
or i could prep myself for an upcoming school week.
or i could make food.
which reminds me, i should go eat dinner.


okay so, have a beautiful day and a wondeful week.  never give up and always show up :P
okay bye ♥


  1. Anonymous11/08/2015

    Beautiful photos! I especially love the last photo! Converse is awesome!<3

    1. yay! thank you so much <3 i agree --- converse is awesome.

  2. Gorgeous photos! Makes me miss summer.

  3. This all looks lovely! You take the best pictures. :D

    1. aww, thanks, aimee :) that means a ton to me!

  4. Wow, look at all that fruit and veggies!!!!! Such WONDERFULNESS! ;) and I love your zucchini bread adventure. I totally get what you mean, I had zucchini coming out of my ears. :P LOL!

      haha, yes! it was like...woahhh. so much zucchini.
      not complaining though, it was like really good :)

  5. GORGEOUS PHOTOS AH YOU BLOW ME AWAY <3 That bunny pic though, you're so lucky to be able to capture that!


      ikr? i was just like in shock after i got that. actually though, i was like crawling on the ground after it trying to get the picture, so i was just like, "bunny. you so cute and frustrating."

  6. Ah, all of your photos are absolutely gorgeous!

  7. These are awesome photos! :)

  8. Oh my goodness, this sounds like such a fun day! Your photography is gorgeous.
    Gah. Now I really want some white chocolate. Excuse me while I rummage through my entire kitchen.

    1. haha, yeah, well, i took these photos all over summer...but yeah. it was amazing :) thank you!
      YESSS. <3

  9. I always love reading your posts because they are so creative, and the pictures always so lovely :)

    1. aww, thanks so much Laur. That means a ton!

  10. I love your blog, Autumn! And I really appreciate you commenting on mine.
    This post is so cute. I would be proud of that bunny picture too! ;)

    Sophia // A Lantern In her Hand

  11. " i was born at a very young age, guys." < THAT IS BRILLIANT OMG. CAN I LIKE, STEAL THAT FOR A BOOK OR SOMETHING?! Man. I love it. x) Also, these pictures -- SO MANY FEELS. like, gah summer I miss you SOO much. It's unfair that the seasons have to change. And like you said about fresh fruits and veggies -- it only makes sense that we ought to have them all year long, right?! I think so, anyway. xD

    I hope you have a fabulous time meeting new people and getting together with friends. AND I HOPE YOU MAKE SOMETHING AWESOME WITH THE WHITE CHOCOLATE. and that picture of the clothespins is especially magical for some reason. ♥


    1. can you like be my new best friend? haha ^_^
      thank you so much for your comment. like, dude, that just made my day, not even gonna lie. <3
      IKR? we're supposed to get like a freezing cold winter this year and i'm just over here posting reruns of summer. it's sad :) but i guess winter all ain't that bad either.

      haha, i did. sort of. there were a few super sweet people so yeah :) THANK YOU I REALLY FEEL THAT. i thought i was the only one who though that :)
      thank you so much for stopping by!

  12. Sooooooooooooo i just nominated you for the liebster award (cause you're so ridiculously fabulous and your blog is hilarious and awesome) if you wanna like i dunno check it out or something? ^-^ ♥


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