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30 August 2017

Ha.  WHAT? is it actually a thing, guys? Is, um, September actually next month? *cough* LIke, in, um, two days to be precise? I'M SORRY BUT WHAT.  HOW.  Yo no comprendo, mi amigos.  This is crazy.  2017 is actually coming to the 'end' season.  YO.  That's insane.

+ I started school.  So this is probably the most outstanding event of my August.  I went back to school.  Yay.  I mean, not going to lie, it's going good so far.  So yay.

+ Went to the zoo.  Again.  Apparently the Philadelphia zoo is the biggest one apart from one in California, but even so, having gone to two different zoos this summer, I can safely conclude that all zoos are pretty much the same.  Animals.  So I won't bother putting up a ton of pictures again xD But I did film a little there and so I'm putting together a small cinematics video.  Woo.

+ Mini-golfed. So earlier this month before school started I actually met up with a few friends and we went mini golfing, which was actually pretty fun.  (also ice cream + learning that half the people at school who I don't know very well started dating over the summer.  woo.  how nice. *note sarcasm*)

+ Picked peaches.  This was just something that I'd wanted to do pretty much all summer, so I finally did it a few weekends back.  Let's just say, even though I wuv peaches, they apparently have no interest in being cooperative with this kid.  I got peaches TWICE this month, and both times, the day after I picked them they started rotting and getting all kinds of fungus on them and such disgusting things.  YIKE.  It was nasty.  But I persevered, guys, and cut them up asap. So. Yep.  Peaches.  Nice. (also the peach tree we have? someone came and picked them all.  the freaking nerve, man.)

+ Almost finished my painting project.  Wait, what is this actually true.  Did Autumn, the ENFP procrastinator, actually almost pull through on a project? Well, I'll be. xD But all sarcasm aside, YES I got the majority of this project done! Woo! Thank you, Fixer Upper! Well, actually thank you, Jesus, but yes!!

BUT it's not totally done, all things said.  I might want to give the walls another coat of paint, and I need to touch up the ceiling edges (PAINTING FRENS: this is my dilemma--I painted my ceiling first, and then I did the walls.  But when I was painting the walls I rubbed the paint onto the edges of the ceiling.  IS THERE A GOOD WAY TO GET RID OF THE YELLOW PAINT ON THE CEILING THANKYOU), plus I need to paint the trim.  So.  Not QuITe done, but close :)

+ Start school successfully.  yeahhhh I think so.  It's been good so far.  Just trying to live every moment to the full & stay on top of studies, y'know?

 + Pick peaches.  Um,  YEAH.  That went well.  (it was nice though :))

  + Finish painting & decorating room. Noo, because technically I'm not done painting my project room, and no my room isn't perfect yet to me either.  *sigh*

+ Be a better bloggerEh, sure why not.  I did post consistently this month (!!!), and I finally got caught up on all your blogs :)) (If I don't know about your blog yet, leave a link in the comments.  I'd love to check you out!)

  + Hustle.   So, "hustle" was my theme word for August.  I accomplished this one somewhat, I guess.  I could've done better, I feel like, but at the same time, I'm proud of what I did get done.  Progress, not perfection, right? xD

+ Do fun, fall things.  Hey, one-month-from-now Autumn, make a list of what all you did in September, ok?

+ Feed myself spiritually.  This is something I always need to work on, but even more right now at this point in life.

+ Eat healthy.  Because this is a necessity for lyfe.


We'll just see how September goes, y'all.  I STILL CANNOT GET OVER THE FACT THAT IT WILL BE SEPTEMBER.  HOW?!? Like this is basically my reaction:

It's just too crazy to fathom.  HOW.  Oh. oh. oh. 

BUT HOW ARE YOU, MY FRENS? What was your August like? Eventful? Boring? Did you go back to school yet? (To all the homeschoolers: blessed are you.) Any ideas on how to motivate myself to finish painting that room? (actually wait i know.  watch more fixer upper. that's it.) What did you eat for brekkie? What's up in your life?! LET'S TALK! 



  1. LOOK AT YOU AND YOUR PAINTING SKILLS BRO YOU MEAN YOU ACTUALLY PAINTED YOUR CEILING GOOOD JOB. I'm proud of you and impressed. and uhhhm yeah touch up is the only way i know, so let me know if you hear anything else XD

    1. HAHAHAH WELL THANKS. and this coming from the painting master herself? WOW THANK YOU. I'm honored :))

      aaaah yeah, I'll probably do the touch up tomorrow afternoon and then finish it on Monday. HOPEFULLY. I'll let you know how it goes xD

  2. I'D LOVE TO PICK PEACHES. It makes me cry because there was a berry festival the next town over, but it was raining really hard and my car oil was leaking so I spent my day at a shop. And isn't Fixer Upper just a great show to draw productivity from? I honestly love watching it so much-- I think Tiny House Hunters and Tiny House Builders are the only two shows that top it for me.

    xoxo Abigail Lennah | ups & downs

    1. AWWW I FEEL SO BAD FOR YOU <33 :'( that would seriously suck so much. Hopefully you can go the next time it comes around! Peaches are the bomb, yes. Do they grow around where you live? YES IT IS. HGTV in general is pretty inspiring, but for me, yeah, Fixer Upper is my favorite. I just love how they're pretty much living the American dream xD

  3. ahhh you were so productive! i'm jealous lol

    1. lolol well kind of i guess xD not really though :)

  4. Did Autumn the ENFP procrastinator, actually almost pull through on a project? << I RELATE SO BAD, MY LIFE IN A SENTENCE.

    Those peaches look so good AHH and yay for getting the painting job done, time for me to start on mine *looks far away* (the procrastinator thing you know?)

    Well anyway I hope you have a great fall and that school wouldn't sour, it's so nice to start but then...blehh it loses its excitement. But then there is a lot to look forward for in fall... :)

    Anna |

    1. YES YOU RELATE I AM GLAD. THE STRUGGLE IS REAl. So real. I'm pretty sure by now I'm the best at procrastinating xD

      AHAHAHA YOU GOT THIS ANNA. You can do it! Just get some interviews/sermons/music/whatever lined up for a few hours to listen to and get to work with that paintbrush! I listed to all of Chip and Joanna Gaines' interviews on YouTube in the span of time it took me to paint that room lol

      Yep you're right :) There is a lot of good things about fall, although I still wish summer would hold on a little longer xD School's going pretty good for me :) How about you?

  5. SO PRODUCTIVE, GIRL !!! Hhahaha glad you had a good school beginning!! Wishing you the best for September <3

    1. ahaha, well, kinda I guess so THANK YOU! I hope you have a wonderful September too :)


  7. WOW! Sounds like an awesome end to summer! those peaches look amazing!!


    1. Glad you think so xD LOL They were so good :)



  9. I did not paint my ceiling, and I have purple and green streaks on it from painting the trim around the walls, and it shall forever stay that way. Actually, it was my sister who painted my bedroom, and I sorta finished it because I my bunkbed was in the middle of the room, and I was starting to be concerned I'd fall

    I picked peaches!! Made a pie and froze some. Picking didn't work too well for me because I kept gouging them...but pie, so we're good.

    I gotta agree with you on zoos. Wish I lived closer to one.

    1. lol Hey if you like it then that's all that matters :) But maybe it doesn't look so bad? I probably wouldn't NEED to touch my ceiling anymore because the yellow doesn't contrast too bad against it, but I'm a perfectionist, so. HAHA good job on finishing it though!

      YAY *high fives* Oohh peach pie sounds AMAZING. I made some peach jam, froze a few, and I really want to try making peach tea. I also want to can some too, so yeah xD

      They are pretty fun! (once in a while xD)

  10. Hustle is my theme word for this whole school YEAR. It's so real.

    I'm also planning to focus more spiritually (I need it a lot in the fall season) and eat healthier too!

    O | Life as a Young Lady

  11. Well it seems like you had a great august!!! I LOVE GOING TO ZOO's!! I've only been twice in my life, but I really want to go again soon!!
    I had an AWESOME August!!! My best friends came and stayed almost a week with me and my family, I started my new WIP, "The Room", I got to see the solar eclipse (THAT WAS AWESOME), and I got tons of books (like 30 some) at a second hand bookstore for only $7.00!!! Like I said, it was AWESOME!!!

    - Maddy |

  12. Someone picked all your peaches??? RUUUUDE!!!

    Sounds like you had a pretty productive month! *internet high five for almost completing the painting* :D


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