The Blood Race Blog Tour! // Author Interview

09 August 2017

YOU GUYS.   Today's post is beyond epic.  My amazing friend Katie RELEASED HER VERY OWN BOOK ON AUGUST 1st. *cheers* And I am so beyond honored to be apart of her blog tour today =)  Her work is art, let me tell you.  Kate is a wielder of words, and she has left me speechless with so many of her blog posts and even in this book.

 Today I'm doing an author interview with her, and I'm so pumped to share this post with you all! I'm telling you--check this girl's work out...because it's gold. 

My inspiration for the story is deeply rooted in this idea that we are powerful beings. That we don’t have to “become somebody” we already are somebody - and that somebody is deeply valuable.

We have something to offer the world, we are all warriors beneath the skin. And perhaps most importantly, we are our own limiters.

Writing this book, and honestly this series, really, [currently writing book 2] it’s helped me to see things about myself through the mirrors that are the characters in the story.

Hawk, Ion, Fin, Sensei, everyone… they all have different strengths and weaknesses that have taught me valuable lessons. Sensei especially - there were many things he said which I would write and then sit back, in awe, thinking “wow, that was for me.” God really spoke to me a lot through his character.

The, from a writing perspective, creating The Dimension and these characters totally pumped up my fantasy side. I’ve written a lot of contemporary, and I love it, but writing sci-fi/fantasy totally had my creative brain running wild. It’s an amazing feeling to be able to chase any idea or concept - not just the ‘logical’ or ‘realistic’ ones. I loved building this world and creating my own reality.
There were so many high moments! It’s hard to choose.

Chapter nineteen was a big peak moment for me. Then there’s a particular scene with Hawk and Ion atop the U.S. Bank tower in LA that I absolutely adored. I also really enjoyed writing Hawk and Fin’s cliff side escapades in Ireland.  

There were some points in dialogue where things just fell together super well and I was just like, quietly punching air because I was so pleased with it. I love to see technical aspects fall into place as the story comes together.

You’re more powerful than you realize.


Looking back, it was about a five month process from the idea’s inception to the finished draft. But to be honest, I wasn’t paying attention - time flew!

Oh, the editorial process. Reading over a manuscript you’ve read five or more times, correcting all the typos, filling in all the gaps, reading it again - but then, what else is new? The editing days can be long and grueling, but it’s so, so worth it for the end game. It’s all part of being a writer.

Great question. To me, literary success is being able to tell a story well, and knowing that my readers are enjoying the journey I take them on in the book. It’s a feeling that fills me with more joy than I know how to describe.
Write you. Stop comparing yourself to ‘le fancy published authors’. Stop frantically taking every piece of advice you can get. Writing is an art, I can’t stress that enough -  there is no right or wrong. Write what’s in your heart, and write it like only you can.



Have YOU read The Blood Race yet? Be sure to check out Kate's blog post where she did a behind the scenes of her book and show her some love!! 




  2. I absolutely love her book so much and this interview was kind of awesome! Cool post. :)

  3. "Le fancy published authors." <--- ME TOO. xD

    xoxo Abigail Lennah | ups & downs

    P.S. Almost done with the other thing about letters and art! I just need to edit photos, but I won't be able to get to that until next week.


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