November Wrap-Up | LAST MONTH OF THE YEAR!?!

30 November 2017

Folks, we are this close to the last month of 2017.

Let that sink in.

Now, Christmas is next month.  I repeat: CHRISTMAS IS NEXT MONTH!!!!

(see: trying to balance the sad & happy at the same time xD)

+ I made...a new friend? So for my health class, we had a long term assignement to basically...make a new friend.  Someone out of our own age group, and obviously someone that we didn't already know.  We had to go out of our way to talk to them and maybe even do something for them.  SO.  Earlier this month I went out to my neighbor's place (she has like, five girls) and I baked triple decker brownies with them.  It was fun, delicious, and a pretty fun school assignment if I do say so :D

+ Paint, paint, and more paint.  Honestly, I should just go over this whole year's worth of blog posts and see how many times I've referenced paint.  It's become such a big part of my life.  LOLOL But it has.  Sadly.  This month, I'm so so close to being done with my project/music room, and we're almost done with painting our entire dining room/hallway.  SO! MUCH! PAINT! AND! WORK! We literally spent a whole day painting, not to mention all the other days I've spent painting  MAN.

+ It snowed on the 6th of November.  WHAT! I walked out of school and lo and behold there was snow.  I was literally so surprised xD I think it put me in the festive mood so much earlier than I normally am, which iS GREAT.  But, it hasn't snowed since soooo.....

+ The power went out for a while.  For like, a day and a half.  IT WAS SO STRANGE.  It was hard, obviously, but it also made me realize how truly first world I am.  I'm just so much more grateful for electricity now :P It was awful.

+ Tried pumpkin spice donuts.  MEH.  I tried this recipe, if you want to check it out.  The deep frying part was fine, it was just that the donuts themselves weren't that great.

+ Thanksgiving was awesome. (Black Friday too) IT WAS A LOVELY THANKSGIVING BREAK OVERALL

+ WRITE Um, not really? I don't know where November went honestly, guys.  I feel like I got nothing practical done this month *cries in corner*

+ Make pumpkin stuff.  BUT this I did do! So that's good.  I made a pumpkin pie, pumpkin roll, and pumpkin cupcakes.  PLENTY of pumpkin xD

Now bring on the holidays.

 + Visit Starbucks! Didn't get to do this this month, but I'm planning to in December.

+ Work on a new blog design.  Nope.  >_<

I literally have one goal for December -

+ Enjoy the last month of 2017 & not stress & live in the moment & make the most out of it & not procrastinate 

I'm so sorry I got this post up a day later than I was supposed to, y'all :( I've been kind of busy lately, and I should've probably taken the time to do write this post in advance then.  I didn't even put any pictures in because I'm really running low on time.  I IS SORRY.  I'm thinking I'm going to rearrange my posting schedule next year, maybe? What do you guys do? Do you think it's better to stick to a schedule or have a loose idea of what you want to do? 

ANYWAYS Happy December!!!! Crazy to think we're so near the end of yet another year.  woo.  What are some things you're looking forward to in December? How was your November? I hope you all have a lovely day and here's to a great month by Christ's strength xx



  1. SNOW! AND PAINTING AND FRIENDS AND THANKSGIVING! Your month sounds like it was really great! It barely snows here, I am hoping that we will get a little bit of snow! Stay cozy and enjoy that last month of 2017. It's a crazy thing that the year is almost over but a new start is always refreshing!

  2. Good for you! Same with me... Looking forward to simply enjoying Christmas break and taking each day as an opportunity to live fully for Christ.
    Happy December!

    P.S. If you get a chance, I would appreciate if you could visit to my blog

  3. Sounds like you had a lovely month. Any month is lovely with plenty of baking ;) We had thesame thing - snow at the beginning of the month and none since. But soon...hopefully.

    I'd say just have a loose idea for a blogging schedule. No need to stress out.

  4. ISN'T IT CRAZY??? I can't believe it's December already!!

  5. This year has gone by super fast it's scary!
    I wish it snowed in New Zealand where I live.


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