Big Fat Books

08 May 2013

Have you ever read a big fat book? If so, you probably hope before reading that they're a little interesting at least. I have read a few big books already, and they were pretty good. Have you ever read a book by Christmas Carol Kauffman? She's a very good Christian author.

Me, myself, and I are bookworms. Serious bookworms. We read and read, then we stop and go write, then go back to reading. Not quite, but kind of :) I really like to read, and even the blog is called Autumn's Reading & Writing. Problem is, I never post about reading. I probably should.

So I thought, maybe I should create a page for that, but no, I have wayyyyyyyyyyyyy too  many pages. Take a  look. Do you have any idea? Maybe just a post once in a while. OK, I'll do something like that. I guess I did do a book report once. That was fun.

I guess I'll go now, and one more thing, should I get a siggy for this blog?


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