I'm back..and Updates

07 May 2013

Hello! I am back again to the wonderful world of blogging! My break went very good, I got a lot of time to spend with God. I got a very good devotional book too. Do any of you have a devotional book?
So now that I'm back, I want to give you some updates about this blog. You probably have seen the new design I have, and I like it better than my blue one. What do you think? I also want to mess around with CSS and HTML codes, so I can use it some more. But there are some basic things I cannot even get, such as, how do you make a grab button ? And other simple things, but I also want to get ahead of simple things, I want to get  little more "professional yet me" look to the the things I do on this blog. Like the design, NOT the header, I don't really care that much about it, I mean, I do, but as long as it represents my personality, it's fine. And also like tabs and stuff like that.

You probably see above each gadget how I put a little thing.  Do you like how that looks? It's OK, I like it pretty much. I am trying to work on this blog, so I can go to my doll blog and work on designing over there. Anyways, if you could give me some tips, it'd be great! Sometimes, wouldn't it be nice if there were tablets with our names written on them that had a lot of information in them we
could use throughout our lives? I mean, of there's the ultimate one, the Bible, but like for blogging and stuff? Oh well, it's God who gives us the ideas for what to do on our blogs. :)

 OK, now for some more stuff, on this blog, I'll probably once in a while, post a random or inspirational post. Like  this one. I'll probably do that since I don't have a blog not meant for anything specific. Maybe in the future I'd get one, would you follow me on  that? Oh, which reminds me, soon I am going to get Blog Lovin' since a ton (a lot) of bloggers are getting it and Google is supposedly shutting down Google Followers this summer or something?

 And one more thing of course, you know I said I'd be telling you about a new book  I'm writing? Well, I decided I would tell you since I didn't feel like not telling you. Me and my friend decided to write a story from the Bible. What I mean is that we're going to take a story out of the Bible and write it again in more modern format! I am so excited! I'm doing a story about Peter through his perspective! And if it's good enough, I probably will get it published in a book or magazine! I am so excited! Once I get it  done, I'll post it on here, and you can read it. I'm like starting from when Jesus called Peter to be an apostle to the time when he sees Jesus die on the cross and when he sees him rise up again till when He ascended up to Heaven! I am so excited! (How many times did I say that?) It's pretty cool, 'cuz I have to research the Bible. And I practically memorize things without knowing it! It's awesome, because before I couldn't remember or even know if Peter had a brother, now I know Jesus called him and his brother, Andrew, when they were fishing and...Yeah, just read the Bible or read my story once it's done.

OK, I better get going, I hope you all have fantastical day!


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