My Books [Pt. 2]

16 May 2013

Last time I posted a little bit about my books. Today I'm going to do a few more. :)


Karl is kind of slow writing. I am only in the second chapter. :P I will try to finish it soon, but *sigh* that may take a long time. :P I'm trying to make it interesting and relating to everyday experiences. I want  it ti be normal, just a normal boy with normal adventures. But...with my imaginative mind, that's a little hard to do. :)                                                                      

Book of Random Stories

Look under "adventures & experiments" You'll see "Random Stories. Once I get ten to fifteen, I'll put them all together into a book. :) You can read the ones I have on there, and there's one more I want to put on there soon. ;)

Danger on Every Corner (with Storyteller)

I'm writing this book with Storyteller!  Click this  and you can write one with her too! (she's on break now) I still have to post my first part, but I'm trying to make it interesting. :) Below is kind of a little introduction I made up. :)

Erica and Aaliyah Porter are sisters with a bit of Indian blood in them, and help their parents who are archeologists and missionaries in Peru. When they find a valuable artifact that probably belonged to the age-old Incas, they are thrown into an whirlwind of adventure. Read along and you will find adventure on every page!!! :)

OK, bye! Pt. 3 coming tomorrow! 

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