Interview and my books! [Pt. 1]

15 May 2013

Yesterday after I posted the two interviews, I got another one from Dollygirl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yippee! So I'm going to post that then tell you all of the books I am writing.

1. What's your name, or blogger name?
2. What kinds of books do you like best? (genre)
I like all kinds!
3.What do you like best about this blog?
All the stories!
4. What types of blogs do you like best? (writing, artistic, random)
Doll blogs!
5. What is your favorite food?
Birthday cake! xD
6. Favorite color?
7. Favorite blog(s)?
I have a TON!
8. If you could possibly change your name, what would you change it to?
9. What do you think I look like?
Hmmm...I picture a tall girl, with really long dark hair, and blue-green eyes!
10. What is/was your least favorite subject in school?
Math! Ick!
11. What do you want to be when you grow up? (Or already are)
I'd like to turn my blog into a website like Doll Diaries, and design dolls for a brand like Springfield, American Girl, or Maplelea!
12. Why did you start a blog?
Because my mom and sisters had them!
13. Who or what inspired you to start one?
My mom and sisters had them!
14. What do you post about on your blog?]
15. What do you like best about blogging?
When people comment!
16. If you could wish for one thing, what would it be for?
Ooh...that's a tricky one...probably a million dollars, I would give half to my parents, donate like 50,000, put some in the bank, and spend the rest!
17. If you could go to any country in the world, where would you go?
Um...I don't really know, probably the United States (I live in Canada)
18. What are some of your hobbies?
I collect some little dolls called Teenie Beanie Boppers, I write poetry, and I'm obsessed with 18 inch dolls!!!
19. What's your most favorite animal?
Either a horse or a dog or a cat or a koala!
20. Which blogs do you like best?
Doll blogs!

Sweet, thanks Dollygirl! Anyways, if you want to be interviewed just go to this page!

So now for my books, I am currently writing 8 books. I'll list them each and give a little info on each of them then. ;)                                                                                                

Jessica & The Deserted Farmhouse.
Book of Random Stories.
Danger on Every Corner (with Storyteller)
City Girl.
Peter. (I'm  not sure that's what I will call it, but that's what I'm calling it now. :O )
Horse Dreamer.
When I look at it, it seems like a lot, but when I write it, it doesn't seem long. :P QAnyways, I'm going to give a little information on each one.

Check this post out for most of the information. All i have to say is, I'll be done with it shortly.

Jessica & The Deserted Farmhouse

I have the third book of the series on this blog. Look under "adventures & experiments", it's under "Jessica" I have not put the first two out, mainly because they're well....I don't know how to put it into words. 
I don't feel like putting them on here. If you absolutely want me to, maybe I'll think about it.  I'm not going to put much on here about it. :P This is a brief overview of I think the book's going to be. Jessica get money for her parents to go to the cabin. They have a freak accident. Jessica is sent of to this farm that lets visitors come and stay. Kind of like a summer camp. But only for a week or two. Then the farm gets deserted. Jessica solves the mystery. Sorry it was sooo short, but you'll see more when I get finished with it.

OK, tomorrow I'll post the second part. (I'll cover a few more books.) Have fun and stay safe! ~Autumn

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