City Girl

17 June 2013

This is from last time. By the way, this time it is really short. Sorry!!!

If somebody is reading this, it must mean they care about the girl. Follow this “treasure hunt” to find her. It will lead you through dangers. You may be very discouraged and at times put at great peril. Beware, dangerous. Be prepared......

Go to South Side Meadow. You know. Go! You will hear something...

Why would they want me to go there? That wasn’t even dangerous! Oh well, this might still be a little dangerous. I better get prepped for the little “excursion.” 

  I headed back to my shack.  The walls were so so so so... old. I couldn’t help it. I had never been rich. I never was and never would be. I don’t know what had happened to my parents. All I know was I had been raised in an orphanage, and then I had been adopted by the Woods family. I didn’t really like it, so as soon as I could I ran.  Far away, then I had found Martha, and then well, I was here. Trying to find her.  I sighed and pushed the old door open. Inside was what always met my eyes.
I grabbed my slicker, the sky was clouding up, and I also got my emergency backpack, which I always kept in handy, in case of anything. You never knew, being a “street kid.”  I headed outside, and broke into a run. The sky was beginning to darken, so I hurried.  Finally I reached my destination, South Side Meadow. It was just as usual, calm, and rustling. The overgrown weeds and all were badly needing weed-wacked or something. It was just as I had expected it to be. Then I heard something...maybe what they wanted me to hear. A high-pitched fearful neigh from a horse aroused my attention.

Ok, thanks  for reading!!! 


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