City Girl...

19 June 2013

No, this isn't a story post, I just want to talk about it.  I got the idea when I randomly was thinking and the idea came. That's how a lot of my books get started. I thought it would be fun to write through the eyes of a girl, who always had adventure coming her way. She would have scares and
thrills, and no matter what, she would be able to overcome it. I know, it's one of those story plots where it would probably never happen, but that's how I write. My imagination takes off and that's what gets written down.

I try to write more realistic, but it's hard. I just write the way I like. Anyways, City Girl is probably really unrealistic (do you think so??) and I don't really care. Even though the girl really gets put through a lot, she can learn to trust God and come closer to Him. That's what I want the story to portray mainly. A girl who has troubles in life but learns to trust God in the midst of everything. So even though it and a majority of my other books seem like they're unrealistic, I want to get something across to the reader. That God is always there and is willing to help you if you subdue your will to Him. 

Anyways, I just kind of rambled along here, but what I want to say is well, (yeah..a couple of things) but mainly that City Girl is just for the reason that I want to write about a girl who has troubles but in the end defeats it all.

So, just a quick thing, did you notice I didn't have a name for "City Girl" ? I just don't know if there's a name that will suit her. She seems so, well, wild, that I can't pick a name for her. Maybe sometime I will. :)  And there's something else I want to say...but I can't think of it. Typical me. Anyways, hopefully I'll be able to think of it. ;P


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