Truthfulness vs. Deception

11 June 2013

Truthfulness is communicating by life and word what is genuine and correct.
What exactly is truth? -
God's Word is truth "Sanctify them  through thy truth, thy Word is truth." (John 17: 17)
Jesus is truth-"Jesus saith unto him, I am the truth the way and the life, no man cometh unto the Father but by me. (John 14: 6) Check John out!!!

Every lie is another link in the chain around our souls, but telling the truth sets us  free.        

Saying whatever comes to mind is not truthfulness, but a lack of discretion.

What exactly does truth do?? I mean, it's always good to tell the truth. But what does it do to really help us?????

    • It brings us closer to Christ. We can easily come close to God because we have no guilt and are completely able to come close to Him.
    • Truth frees us. We are able to be guilt-free. 
    • It leads us the right way.
    • Truth leads to ultimate trust. We can know somebody is honest and always will keep their word when they are truthful. We build trust in them. Jesus is truthful,so we trust in Him. He always is honest and well.....He never did and never will do wrong!!!
In the continuing conflict between good and evil,truth is the weapon that wins the war.

We need to learn that not all things that are appealing to us are truthful. There are things the are deceiving too. We must be careful in everything.

Okie-dokie.... that was ... um....different.Did you like it. I think it needs a little more work. Hopefully the next one works better. :)



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