City Girl

27 July 2013

 I gaped.  I turned around and ran behind their barn and inside. I glanced around all the stalls. Nothing. Well, duh, if they wanted to make it mysterious, of course they just wouldn’t leave it there. But still, who were these people? It had to be somebody that knew me pretty good. Could it wouldn’t be Martha...would it? She was practically the only other person who knew of my fear of horses.
 The wind howled outside. Oh great, it’s starting to storm, just when I need it. I groaned and sat down on a bale of straw. Then I noticed something unusual, if this place was deserted for years, why was there a nice fresh bale of straw here? I looked around, yes, my assumptions were right; there were a few nice bales of hay as well. So...somebody was here.
I had a good idea who it could be. The people who kidnapped Martha. They wanted to kidnap me too, so they were trying to make it sound as if I could find Martha whereas they wanted to kidnap me.
Just then, a voice startled me, “Game’s over girl. Hands up.”


  1. Oooohhh, mysterious! Not to be pushy, but is my design almost ready? I can't wait!

    1. Thanks!

      Um, soon, I'm working on it! It'll probably be ready today or tomorrow..


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