Humorous Birthday Notes

20 July 2013

 Need something quick and easy to write to your pal on his/her birthday? Here are a few handy ones to use!

Here is a small collection of humorous notes (6) you can send your relatives and friends for their birthdays.  Don’t tell them you found them ready-made. If they think you made up one of these silly
rhyming birthday messages, they’ll be all the more pleased.

 Birthday Poem
For Someone Aging Gracefully 

There’s a rumor about your birthday
  And I want to wish you well,
But the age that’s quoted for you
   Simply doesn’t sell.

Whoever’s spreading rumors
   That are patently untrue
About the so-called age
   Of a person young as you

Needs to get hooked up to
   A machine that detects lies,
Because if you’re the age they say….
  Well, that’s a big surprise!

However old you really are,

Call me on your Birthday!
On your birthday, probably I won’t call;
You know I forget things, after all;
But if you take the time to ring me up
I’ll have a chance to say
Something really enthusiastic
For your Happy, Happy Day;
And if you don’t call—as you sometimes don’t—
I may get a little mad
‘Cause if I don’t tell you Happy Birthday,
I will be really sad.

So…Don’t forget—Call me on your Birthday!

(For someone a little older than you.)

What a joy!
What a treat!
This is great!
This is neat!

You’re having another birthday
  Which makes me feel so young
We’re both on the same ladder
  But now YOU’RE on a higher rung!

               Happy Birthday


On Your Birthday


Oh, what a lovely day it will be;
You’ll have your birthday and you’ll think of me;
You’ll remember how nice I was to write
And you’ll spend the day in pure delight—
And I’ll be responsible for all your fun
Because I wrote this note…
(And now I’m done.)
            HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Birthday Gloom

Oh doom.
Oh gloom.
It’s that day again!
Another birthday for you…
I bet by now you feel your age;
(Although I have not yet reached that stage)
Just know that I commiserate;
I bemoan your aged and withered state;
And I am sure you will feel better
When it’s my turn to get this letter!
….In the meantime, 
           Happy Birthday!
Birthday Email

Email is a scientific miracle,
The wisdom of using it, completely empirical;
I can’t enclose cash or a check (how sad)
And you can’t accuse me of neglect (that’s not bad!)
I’m just using a thoroughly modern way
To say, electronically,
            Happy Birthday

Hope you liked them!! Tell me if you used one, and if so, which one?


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