City Girl

18 August 2013

Last time....

I had a good idea who it could be. The people who kidnapped Martha. They wanted to kidnap me too, so they were trying to make it sound as if I could find Martha whereas they wanted to kidnap me.

Just then, a voice startled me, “Game’s over girl. Hands up.”

 I turned around. A young man about 18 years of age stood there.
“Who in the world are you?”  I asked. My hands still weren’t up.
“I’m Jake. And I want to know who you are. And what you are doing here. So are you gonna give me some answers?”
“Whoa...” I said. “First of all, this is private property I thought, so why are you here?”
“Well, why are you here if this is ‘private property’?”
“Um...I’m looking for my friend?”
“Wait! Does she have auburn hair that’s out of control?”
I chuckled a little, “Yeah. Did you see her?”
“Yeah, these two rough looking guys were dragging her to their truck.”
“Did they leave?”
I groaned. This was NOT going to work.
Jake cleared his throat nervously, “Um...I could help you find her if you want me to.  I’m here looking for my horse.”
I shot upright. “What? You’re here looking for your horse?”
He grinned, “Yes. She ran away, and I thought she might be here. I was about to leave, when I saw you sitting here. I wasn’t sure if you were a criminal or what.” He smiled, “Now I know you ain’t.”
“Aren’t,” I corrected him.
We both laughed, and then turned serious.
“Look,” I started, “if we’re going to do this, you realize you will be put at peril, right?”
He nodded.
“OK,” I cleared my throat and said, “Do you have a home or anything?”
He looked down, “Lived in an orphanage till I was 16, then they kinda kicked me out...ya know?”
I felt my eyes brimming with me tears. Here was someone who practically lived the same life I did, and we were going to find someone who was like that too.
“Yeah, I don’t know what happened to my parents, I had been raised in an orphanage too, and then I had been adopted by the Woods family. I didn’t really like it, so as soon as I could I ran.  Far away, then I had found Martha, and then well, I’m here now trying to find her.”
“Oh,” he said. There was an uncomfortable silence that I broke.
“Well, we better go start hunting.” I said.
“You’re right.” Jake replied.
Just at that moment, the same fearful neigh I had heard before leaped in the air.
Jake gasped, “Joker!”
“My horse!”
We broke off at a run.

P.S. I did a lot more work on my Pinterest...not quite the best though 

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