Flash Storms

08 August 2013

 It's a flash storm, you hear
You only feel the the calm before the storm
You run, happy to be living in this wonderful time,
You start running outside, across the lane
 And you stop, then...
It's a flash storm you think,
you run as fast as your legs will carry you
you marvel
 It was just a few drops a moment ago 
how did this happen?
You were only standing there, 
when the rain came thundering down
the heavens opened
God must have just opened the bottle of water
But as you run, you're happy
it feels good
the rain pounding down on you
and as you enter the shelter
you hear your friends talking excitedly
sharing how they got caught in the storm
but as for you
you know how you felt
and were glad to be alive then

I just love flash storms. Especially right before it. Actually before any storm. It's so peaceful and quiet, yet so windy. Especially if you run, the wind pushes against you, but you feel as if, I don't know, it's indescribable.

Only thing is I don't like dreary days, you know the days, when all is gray and dreary...

And then, I just love  to be outside when this happens, all of a sudden rain comes swooshing down in torrents.  And then you run for shelter. That's really fun too. Running through the pouring down rain...yeah..that's awesome. I know, I'm an outdoor person. But anyways, I just wanted to post about flash storms...something different..

Do you like flash storms? Do you like dancing in the rain??..I DO!!! Do you like rain??



  1. I LOVE THE RAIN! :) I have always loved the pitter patter on the roof and I don't even mind getting totally soaked by it when I go outside there's just something so delightful about the rain isn't there :)
    Your Friend

  2. I don't like dreary days either, but I love getting wet. Once when I was out on my bike, is started raining, and everyone ran for shelter, except for me! I stayed out, and when I got home, I was soaked! Soooooooo much fun!


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