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07 August 2013

So, it's like this...My friend does therapy for a little girl...she's around four years old, let's call her Mandy. She does it once a week, sometimes twice. Other people go and do it other days. See, the people try to keep the therapy going every day.

So, my friend asked me one day if I would like to go along with her. I was put it mildly. She said she would pay me too if I helped good and just didn't go and read books all day. ;) So I started going...

It's tell you the truth. Some of the exercises are unbearably boring and hard. It's suffocating....
But it's okay enough to live with...

I was telling me friend once, "the best parts of doing therapy with Mandy is lunchtime and pay. "
She just laughed at me. Typical. haha very funny See, at lunchtime i get to eat, read, and once tried to take a nap but it didn't work cuz like three minutes later the mom came in with Mandy and said, "I hope I didn't take too long.." And I'm like..."No problem! You actually could've kept her longer you know?" (I ramble a bit sometimes..)

Did you ever try therapy? Do you like it? Did you ever get it done to you?


  1. No, I've never been in therapy before. It actually sounds a little bit scary to me.

    1. For the 'victim'...yes...for me, hard!


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