See ya....αντίο// I am feeling very happy

06 August 2013

haha αντίο is goodbye in greek...just so ya know...actually in English it's like...antío...
(Google told me....)

Anyways, yeah, I'll be gone for a little... (I seriously love that picture, it's someone I wanna meet right now and go riding right now with :)

So yeah, I feel like blogging is taking a lot of time up, so I thought I'd give it a rest...

And, I want to become a better rider. Actually, I don't have a horse, but my friend does, so she gives me "lessons" All she did was lead me the first few times till I got the hang of it. Now I hop on and just go by myself. I was riding, and for the first time....


Only like 4 seconds but it was amazing! My friend is way more experienced and gallops like crazy, and I was so AMAZED! I am like one of the happiest girls on planet earth right now... ;)

And I want to read the Word of God and get closer to God still. I think what would be really fun would be to take a walk in the early morning and read the Bible. That would be awesome...better yet...on horseback....nah...(sure, I'll stop going 'dot dot dot' lol) I'd fall off.

Anyways, gotta go....



  1. I wish I could ride a horse!
    I'll miss ya!

    1. Thanks!
      Hopefully someday you'll be able to!

  2. Have Fun! :) P.s. I used to have a horse. Had to sell her because I couldn't pay for her feed. :(


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