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23 September 2013

 I made this post Sunday. So the stuff I said I did yesterday I did Saturday. Just so you know ;)

Hi guys! Sorry for not posting yesterday, but I was away for most of the day. It was so awesome! So it started Friday evening. In the evening we went to this place like five minutes away from where we live, and they were giving away free hot dogs and s'mores. I roasted some, and while I ate I watched this tractor pull. It was weird. There were these little tractors that like little 3rd graders could ride and they would compete by seeing which tractor could pull the most. And "the most" was another tractor, a real life-sized one, and his other thing which would get heavier as you pull. Overall, it was interesting and fun.

 Then yesterday,we went there early in the morning, ate an all-you-can-eat breakfast, looked around, (we were there for like two hours) then went back home. I could've posted then, but I needed to have my devotions and get ready again. So then we went back and shopped, well, not really since there was only one stand that I had liked and they had already closed. BTW, if you're wondering what this is, it's like a LOT of yard sales and food and seeing your friends. lol So then we went back to the food tent and ate lunch. Then I went and found my friend. We were planning to do this for a long time and I was so excited. We went, picked up another friend, and went to my other friends' place and they had like ten horses. I'm not kidding! What they do is buy horses from auctions and places like that, train them, and sell them again. So not all of the horses were trained, so we had to take turns riding. It was so fun! At first I rode a Paint horse named Sheba, and I was kind of freaked out. This was like an unknown horse to me. But it was also like my first time knowing how to ride being in the saddle. It was fun!

 I was so shocked. Like I was riding her and we went at a trot then we started galloping. I was freaked out when I was galloping but later I said, "Oh, it was fun!" *cough* But it was amazing. I lost my stirrup, and the girl behind me picked it up and was like, "Wow, most people would've fallen off, I'm surprised you didn't." I'm thinking Well, duh, I learned bareback, and you don't have stirrups when you ride bareback. Lol So then I switched to a different horse after the stirrup fell off. And he could fly! We went galloping and I was so freaked out. I could tell when he was picking up speed, and I was standing in the saddle practically, pulling on the reins and yelling "Woah!" I was thinking Wow! I feel like I'm going to fall off. And I did! But I didn't thankfully. It was a little difficult, since I wasn't used to neck rein and he was neck reined, but I caught on pretty quickly. And I rode on a few other horses, which was fun. I really want an Arabian horse of my own someday, and they had two Arabs, but I was too scared. I want to go again and try riding him though.

 So that was my life lately, and I hope I didn't bore you out. Oh and I just finished making brownies so I better go check on them. But yeah, what have you been doing lately? Thanks for all your encouraging comments! <3

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