My Strange Passion

25 September 2013

I've always liked horses. But not the way I do now. It was more so like, "oh yeah, horses are amazing! Uh-huh...never been 10 feet within one."

A few pictures of some beauties before I continue...(It's amazing how many people pin horse pictures on Pinterest!)

  But now? It's much different!
I've actually groomed a horse, I've tacked the horse up, I've actually ridden before. (and now!!) It's more than I would've EVER thought I could do. (I'm not trying to brag...just sayin')  And it's more than that..there's like a connection between me and horses...kind of hard to put into words.

My greatest confession with horses is... I TALK TO THEM LIKE EVERYTHING! (oh...that was nice..I didn't know Caps Lock was on :) I just if they're real...(I know they're real..I mean human..)
My greatest fear of horses is that they're gonna kick me with their hind legs. I ABSOLUTELY hate going behind a horse, it's so freaky....know what I mean????

To tell you the truth, I've never ridden in a saddle. Well, may like when I was really little and I was getting little pony rides... I've mostly ridden bareback, which is way more fun I'd think. Like, seriously, when you run/gallop/ whatever you can feel their's awesome! You're like, "Uh..uh..OK?"
Well, that was my little scoop on horses. Do you like horses? Have you ever ridden one?

 Seriously, I like writing horse posts...hmm...

P.S. Listening to music while posting is not helpful...I'm doing it this whole time...So tell me if this post turns out totally wacko. (I'm listening to Galaxies by owl city..)


  1. I love horses!! :) I actually haven't ridden in about 8 months, but I want to get back into it sometime soon! :)


  2. I've never ridden a horse, but I know what you mean, I talk to my bunny like that all the time!


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