Another Picture Story (-es)

27 September 2013

I really like these! Here's another one for you to read. (or maybe a few) ;)

 Grace sighed as she looked out over the empty field. How real the day seemed! But it was only two years ago, and how it's been changed! Grace thought. Far off in the distance, she could see what once was the farmhouse, but now was a important office for a huge fashion company up in New York. She twiddled her thumbs as she recollected the story in her mind.

 It was a little over two years ago, Grace had just finished milking Nanny, their goat and was bringing the milk in. She opened the door and gave it a slight kick with her foot. The door swung open and Grace marched in.
"Mum! Supper ready?" 
"Yes, Grace, please get Lydia to set the table then call everyone in to eat." She looked up from her knitting, "And don't forget, it's your turn to wash dishes tonight." 
"Oh, yes, you had to remind me, Mum." Grace laughed as she set the pail down and went slowly back out the door. "Ly-di-a! Lydia! Ly-di-a!"
Lydia appeared from her garden, "What? I'm almost done weeding the garden!"
"You're supposed to set the table. Mom said."
"Oh, all right." Lydia hurried inside. 
Grace went in search of the others to tell them it was time to eat.About fifteen minutes later, she found them and told them to hurry in. They obeyed instantly, driven by hunger. 
                                                                         * * * * * * 
It was suppertime, they had prayed and Mum was serving out the soup. Grace and the others were not prepared for a shock, but they got one. 
 Pap cleared his throat and said in a nervous voice, "Everybody?"
 Everybody looked at him. 
"I have some sad news. Unfortunately, we don't have enough money to keep up this place. I've sold it to a company that gave us enough money to get back to our feet. We're going to move the city." 
That was the last thing Grace expected, and she took it very hard. So did everybody. That evening was one of tears. No one knew what to do. 

 Grace sighed. Now here she was alone, all alone. No one for her.

 Amanda or 'Manda' Blake sat crossly on the suitcase designed specially for her.  She gave a a infuriated sigh as the minutes ticked by slowly. She was waiting for her father to pick her up. Being the daughter of a millionaire, she was sent to a boarding school up North. Now the term was over and she was waiting to go home.
"When will he get here?" Amanda muttered disrespectfully. "None of the other girls here are up to my standards. I wonder why Daddy even bothers."
She heard the sound of some of the girls chattering and giggling, coming down her way. She turned her head the other way. Her hazel eyes suddenly filled with tears, No one likes me. They don't even want to be friends with me. She got up crossly and pretended she was doing her nails. The girls passed her without saying a word to Amanda. Amanda stared at their backs  and wished she could bore a hole through them. She knew each of their names distinctly, Kitty Farfield, Mattie and Hattie Claude, Katherine James, and Olive Jane. They were all super-smart and friendly. Amanda winced at the thought of them.
 She stood there beside her suitcase, still pretending she was doing her nails, when one of the teachers, Ms. Amber Biddle, strode over to her. 
"Amanda! Thank goodness I found you!I thought you had left already. Now before you go, I just wanted to let you know something."
"What?" Amanda asked irritably. 
Ms. Amber Biddle leaned in a little, "I don't know if you want everybody knowing this, but sorry to say, you failed three subjects. Algebra 1, Grammar 2, and Biology 4. You'll have to redo them next year." She straightened up and flashed a smile, "Well, have a great vacation!" 
Amanda stood staring after her, "No! This isn't true! I won't do it!" She screamed after the retreating figure. 

 Reagan gathered the reins in her hand. She knitted her eyes together in determination. She had to win, she just had to! She had won every race she had participated in this year, and this one would be won by her too. Her parents were counting on her, plus, if she won this race, her father was going to take her to race in the Tevis Cup. That had been Reagan's dream since she was a child. But it all accounted to this race. She just had to win. She gave her horse a slight kick and she went faster. The finish line was in the distance, but she was within view of it! Only thirty more feet to go. Her horse covered the ground, stride by stride, and- Reagan won the race! 

 Cheers of excitement rose into the air. Before Reagan knew it, she had been swept off her feet and was in her father's arms as she had been when she was seven. "Reagan! My little Reagan, I always knew you could do it." Everybody milled around her, congratulating her and admiring her horse. Reagan didn't know what was happening until the loudspeaker boomed overhead, "Reagan Ramirez, First Place. Anika Hawk Second..." Reagan couldn't believe her ears.
 She pushed away from her father and looked him in the eyes, "Does this mean you'll take me to the Tevis Cup?"
Her father just smiled. Reagan could barely stand the excitement. This was happening- to her!

  Did you like them? Should I do more? I really like doing these. I loved writing the one about 'Manda. I loved how it was about the 'millionaire' rich kid. I tried to make it funny (but don't think I succeeded) lol I liked writing all of them though

Stay safe and trust God~


  1. I love these Autumn! You are really talented <3 :)

    1. Wow, thank you Jessica! That's really sweet <3

  2. They are totally amazing!!!!

  3. I love all of these! :) You're a great writer! :)

  4. Wonderful writing skills, Autumn! Love them!:)

    1. That means a lot Christy, thank you so much!

  5. Awesome job! Love the stories!!!! I wish I could write that well...

    1. Thanks! Come on, You can write well!


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