Writing Inspiration

13 September 2013

I thought I'd base a post off of that ^^

BTW, Narnia is awesome :)

It's so true, you can create anything through writing. You can have your character living in your dream home. She can live a perfect life. Or, they can have a horrible life. It all depends. Sometimes I like my characters to be having a bad time, then they're surrounded in the good. It's so amazing.

Writing can be such a talent. If God gave you that talent, thank God! I didn't know I could write until I had to, and realized how fun it was! {I think anyways, unless I just felt like writing and realized I liked it...;)} We can create a whole new world for readers.

 The other day my friend was telling me, " You know, you really like to write. You should write a Christian book."
I'm like, "My books are supposed to talk about God. And I've started a book about Peter too!"
She's like, "Right. I forgot, sorry!"
But I do try to make my books more God-centered.

So how do you use your talent? What kind do books do you write? Or read?

♥ Autumn


  1. Like mom said, "Guys are good at Math and Girls are good at English" it's soooo true.
    Your Friend

    1. Lol. Yeah, it is true though....

      ~ Autumn


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